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Chihuahua's Kennel Neo ClassicsRussia Dog Breeders
NEO CLASSICS - Chihuahua's Kennel

Professional breeding long coat and smooth coat chihuahuas. We use best Europe and USA lines in our breeding program.

David a GoliathCzech Republic Dog Breeders
David a Goliath

You have entered our web site that we have made as the presentation of the most wonderfull dogs in the world : Chihuahuas.

We are happy to present you also our small family hobby - the breeding of this splendid breed, our kennel David and Goliath registered in FCI.

Our kennel was registered in 1996. We were visiting the exhibitions, reading the wise books, collected informations and bought our first chihuahua in the autumn of 1998. The first litter "A" David and Goliath was born in 2000. Why David and Goliath? In the past we always had only big dogs - true GOLIATHS - so with our first chihuahua - small, brave and intelligent DAVID the name of kennel was decided.

Dovanes chihuahuaLatvia Dog Breeders
Dovanes chihuahua

Smooth and long-coated chihuahua from Latvia, Riga. Presentation our dogs, bitches, puppies, galery, results from shows and many more.

The Nedbal's Manor of Brave HeartsCzech Republic Breeders
The Nedbal's Manor of Brave Hearts

We are chihuahua breeder.

Chihuahuas FCI/ÖKV dela Luna ClaraAustria Dog Breeders
dela Luna Clara - Chihuahuas FCI/ÖKV

Hearty welcome dear visitor,

I´m member of the Austrian Unsion of Cynologists breeding duly to the OEKV (Austrian Union of Cynologists) rules, race standard no. 218. Our Chihuahuas live with us in Hellmonsödt, near Linz. I am used to dogs since my childhood and have gained experience and know-how in respect to dogs´ education, health precaution and breeding.

For completing luck and love between me and my partner Gerhard, who always energetically supports me, there was still missing something for perfection. After a long time of searching we have finally found for us the world´s outstanding breed – Chihuahua.

I was intensively engaged in learning more about Chis´ and decided to breed these little lions. Of course I asked many collegues for advices. Not only experience increased, by the way some friedships began to grow.

It is my target to preserve the Chihuahua´s nature without stupid and unresponsable breeding trials. Just conviction, patience and much love is the only way to achieve my target. In participating training-colleges I keep myself updated.
Keeping diaries about development from the very beginning of puppies´ lifes: date of covering, all verterinary´s examinations (ultrasonic, size, weight, ...), hundreds of pictures are taken ...

The future owners can go through their new family member´ s past. Our dwarfs are used to other dog races in respect to size and behaviour. Our Great Dane for example plays her role as „nurse for socialisation“. My puppies are well prepared for their lifes; they learn to walk with lead, to empty themselves as well outdoor as in case of need into the toilet box, to be co-pilot when driving the car, participating several trips according to the age. They are also used to noises of vac-cleaner, TV, washing-machine and so on (It may happen that puppy uses my wiper as taxi.)

All our dogs have gone through all necessary health examinations in accordance to international standard.

If you have decided for one of our dogs of „dela luna clara“ do not hesitate to contact us. A visitation of our puppies is important for me because I want to get to know the future „parents“. On the other hand you can see our dogs an how is breeding situation. You can do a fixed reservation by pre-paying half the price. Neither I sell „occasion dogs“ nor I have inexplicably phantastic prices.

Kennel Frontrunner'sDenmark Dog Breeders
Kennel Frontrunner's

Breeder of Whippets, Chihuahuas.

Whippet         Yorkshire Terrier

Eminentia Canis FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Eminentia Canis FCI

Chihuahua and yorkshire terrier kennel from Poland.

Yorkshire Terrier

Heart of EuropeCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Heart of Europe

Chihuahua kennel from Czech Republic.

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