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Méherzugi Great Dane kennelHungary Dog Breeders
Méherzugi Great Dane kennel

I have founded my breeding on the fawn bitch bought in 1992 as a pup in Poland. She was Interchampion, Hungarian Junior Champion, Hungarian Champion and many times Hungarian Club Winner Fantasy Fiesta Volarius.

Fiesta, she fascinated everybody with her wonderful type, appearance and with her fantastical results of the Shows. For me she was my first real show dog THE GERMAN DOG. That time I didn't even think, that I should become a breeder, but indeed She determined defenitively my life with dogs.

Fiesta has met the expectations not only on the shows, but in the breeding too. Her genetical background is founded on the concentration of Frenc-German lines determinig the breedig of germand dogs in Europe. This has resulted in the birth of stable, healthy offsprings of very good type and her daughters of different covering males have added to my fame.

In a year 1-2 litter is born in my kennel asthink it's the most important the given bitch to be get covered by a male matching her the most and having the least faults. On this result by all means excellent offsprings will be born, whom the breeding can be carried on with.

Exclusively I take on only such covering of bitches from which I would keep offsprings for me too. My dogs are brought up as family members, in love and are kept free. Kennel can only to be seen provisionally in my garden. The owners of my dogs of my breeding I help in everything (keeping, training, shows etc), but the most important for me is keeping my dogs either for breeding, or for hobby, the owner should keep the dog well and confortable, because only in this way will all be happy. In the course of the years l have had friendly connections with the owners of my dogs.

For refreshing of the blood line of the breeding of german dog in Hungary l am the owner of a fawn bitch HJCH, Derby Winner'04. Ungaria des Petites Vernieres and Ambré des Princes de Cocagne born in France. On the ground of my systematic, well thought over breeding work a very great number of my dogs have achived good results: Champion, Winner ot the Club, Classe Winner in European Shows, Young EuDDC etc. In innumerable countries of Europe there are my dogs living. As we have returned home from many-many high ranking Shows in abroad with winner titles, the foreigner breeders of fame recognise the German dogs bred by me.

Silva Tarok Great Danes KennelCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Silva Tarok Kennel

Our fist Great Dane was a dog that was called Hugo. We acquired him in 1994 from a breeding station UTTIS.

Hugo was our first harlequin. It was a giant with a warm heart, a friend and above all a great personality. He won our hearts and enraptured us to an extent that it was clear, that we wont settle just for one Great Dane.

Our kennel began to expand to the extent that in 1995 we have acquired a temperament lady-friend for Hugo. A Great Dane Jagu Uttis. They really clicked at first sight and became an inseparable pair. From that time on, a wonderful life with our animal friends has started.

Le Grand'z Great Danes kennelSweden Dog Breeders
Le Grand'z kennel

Breeder of Great Dane since 1989, harlequin, black, blue and fawn.

Elevage de Misandre Great DanesFrance Dog Breeders
Elevage de Misandre

Dogue Allemand et Chihuahua de Misandre.


Hultängnen's  Great Danes kennelSweden Dog Breeders
Hultängnen's kennel

We are a small kennel from Sweden since 1977. Priority in our breed is to get good temperament, health, beauty and working. For shows, for companionship and for hunt.

Longhaired Dachshund

Vallterra Great DanesSpain Dog Breeders
Vallterra Dogos Alemanes

Vallterra Dogos Alemanes. Breeding and selection of black, blue and harlequin Great Danes.

Great Danes El SanthynorHungary Dog Breeders
El Santhynor harlequin and black great dane

El Santhynor is a Great Dane masterbreeding with great passion. We are working with imports and own breeded danes for the best solution.

Great Danes von StarophramenHungary Dog Breeders
von Starophramen
fawn and brindle great dane

v. Starophramen is a fawn and brindle Great dane breeding in Hungary.

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