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Nylabell kennel for Siberian HuskiesBulgaria Dog Breeders
Nylabell kennel for Siberian Huskies

We are a small kennel situated in the capital of Bulgaria-Sofia, registered in FCI and Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology in 2009. We breed Siberian huskies with good temperament, show and work qualities.

Arkticos MythosGreece Dog Breeders
Arkticos Mythos

Arkticos Mythos has produced several Champions, Best of Breed, Best of Group and Best In Show winners! Our passion and commitment to the breed is first to produce healthy and well-balanced Siberians.

Legend of The SpiritPoland Dog Breeders
Legend of The Spirit

Legend of The Spirit - strona o pięknych psach siberian husky. Hodowla Siberian husky.

Winter Island SiberiansIceland Dog Breeders
Winter Island Siberians

Winter Island is a small kennel in Iceland. For now we only have 2 Siberian Husky female.. We will try to breed from well considered combinations. We will follow the breed standard to improve type, movement, expression, health and temperament.

We do not breed for coat colors or eye color. My goal is quality is more important than quantity.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at e-mail.

Roslieve KennelIreland Dog BreedersUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Roslieve Kennel

ROSLIEVE KENNEL Maintaining History by Planning For the Future

Welcome to ROSLIEVE KENNEL. We are situated in the outstanding Natural Beauty Landscape of ROSTREVOR, nestled in the Valley at the foot of the Mountains. We are a small Kennel dedicated to Showing and Breeding quality stock for Health, Soundness, Breed Type and Temperament. Each of these charactoristics are very important to us when breeding to try and give building blocks for a well balanced animal that will intergrate within a family home/environment. The two breeds close to my heart are the Labrador Retriever and the Siberian Husky. Puppies available from time to time. We breed only to have a youngster for showing. If you are interested in a puppy please contact us via our contact form and we can place you on our waiting list. All Enquiries Welcome.

Labrador Retriever

Sepperro Siberian Husky Sled DogsUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Sepperro Siberian Husky Sled Dogs

Scottish based Siberian Husky Racing Kennel.

Cristy84kibaItaly Dog Breeders

High quality siberian huskies located in C/mare di stabia near naples in Italy. Our dogs are tested for hips and eyes and they are engaged also in sport activities and show. Came to visit us!

Banelord Siberian HuskiesMalta Dog Breeders
Banelord Siberian Huskies

We are a small kennel located in the Island of Malta. We have and breed show quality siberians Huskies with very good pedigrees. Please visit our website and take a look at our excellent Dogs.

Hisaris land Siberian HuskySerbia Dog Breeders
Hisaris land Siberian Husky

"Hisari's Land" is a small breeding Kennel, we keep our dogs with a lot of love. These dogs were chosen from a high quality breeding. Our goal is to breed healthy and quality dogs from the best bloodlines and to be successful in breeding "Hisari's Land" offspring.

Semargl SiberiansRussian Federation Dog Breeders
Semargl Siberians

SEMARGL Siberians - a small kennel in Russia to the breeding of show siberian husky. We are a RKF-FCI approoved kennel. We believe in strong, healthy and well balanced dogs. Our kennel is located in Kazan city, 800 km abroad Moscow.

Please visit our website!

Musher Experience - chiens de traineauxFrance Dog Breeders
Musher Experience - chiens de traineaux

Le blog Musher Experience glisse entre sport et évasion pour les passionnés de nature et des chiens de traineaux. Husky, malamute, alskan, samoyede, ... tous les chiens de traineaux.

Alaskan Malamute         Samoyed

Heidiburghs Siberian'sSweden Dog Breeders
Heidiburghs Siberian's

Working siberian's with attitude.

De Rey la Montana Blanca SiberiansSlovakia Dog Breeders
De Rey la Montana Blanca Siberians

Siberian Husky kennel from Slovakia. De Rey la Montana Blanca kennel breeds Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. We have only import dogs - from France and Latvia.

We prioritize american and french types of huskies. Our dogs aren't only show dogs, they are sport dogs - they have daily sufficient movement and for us is the sport very important thing. Our dogs have a big place near the lake. We live in the forest on the solitude - this place is protected landscape area.

Liwanu Siberian Husky KennelAustria Dog Breeders
LIWANU Siberian Husky Kennel

Welcome to our Kennel! We are located in Austria! And we have very special Lines of Siberian Huskys! Take a look on our Website and learn more about our Siberians!

Demetra kennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Demetra kennel

Siberian husky kennel Demetra in Lithuania and England.

Deboraska Siberian HuskiesSerbia Dog Breeders
DEBORASKA Siberian Huskies

Deboraska Siberian husky kennel. We breed top quality Siberian Huskies of the best bloodlines for the dog show. Our dogs are raised with lot of attention, care and love. Visit our website and enjoy in the tour.

Severnaya Luna kennelRussia Dog Breeders
Severnaya Luna kennel

The offical kennel Severnaya Luna. FCI and IKU. Our breeds are Siberian Husky. Russia, Ryazan.

Bohemian Wind Siberian HuskyGermany Dog Breeders
Bohemian Wind Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky aus der Oberpfalz

Wir sind eine kleine Siberian Husky Zucht in Bayern/Oberpfalz. Mein Zuchtziel ist es wesensfeste, gesunde, aktive,aufmerksame und schöne Hunde zu züchten. Eben Hunde mit Persönlichkeit für anspruchsvolle und aktive Menschen! Schaun's einfach mal bei uns vorbei!

Whitewisdom's - Siberian HuskiesFinland Dog Breeders
WHITEWISDOM'S - Siberian Huskies

Working Siberian Huskies in Finland.

De Rey la Montana Blanca Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian HuskiesSlovakia Dog Breeders
De Rey la Montana Blanca
Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian Huskies

De Rey la Montana Blanca kennel FCI is from Slovakia. Show quality dogs and working dogs, too. The kennel was established in 2004. We have many imported dogs - from Ireland, Latvia, France, Poland, Czech Republic. More info at our site !!

Alaskan Malamute

Team RaDai's -Beauty & PowerFinland Dog Breeders
Team RaDai's -Beauty & Power

Working dog is only dog. Siberianhusky Kennel in Finland.

Australian Cattle Dog

Jennin Lauman kennelFinland Dog Breeders
Jennin Lauman kennel

Racing Siberian Husky kennel in South-Western An hour driving from the capital Helsinki. Also small scale breeding of White Swiss Shepherd and solid black Long Haired German Shepherd.

Siberian Husky         German Shepherd Dog

Atlanterra Siberians KennelRussia Dog Breeders
ATLANTERRA Siberians Kennel

ATLANTERRA SIBERIANS it's small home FCI Siberian Husky kennel.Creating the base for the future work with breed in 2008-2009 Atlanterra Siberians imported the dogs of outstanding lines from show kennels SA and Canada. Vision of an ideal Siberian Atlanterra kennel share with a lot of breeders in Russia, Europe and all the World.

First of all kennel appreciate in this breed the native beauty and graceful movement that does the best representatives of this breed great shows-dogs. Basic of Atlanterra is show winners in Russia and Europe, Multi winners Best Ib Group, Best In Show in puppies and in adult competition. The first young Atlanterra Siberians generation has started on shows from top results across all Russia, repeatedly winning Best In Shoa Baby and Best In Show Puppy, Best In Show Junior, Best In Show. All dogs and puppies Atlanterra Siberians is full members of family and lives only in house. At the moment kennel located is in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city, Sakhalin Island, Russia in clear ecologic mountain zone.

VAKA Go You Djenima - Sagitta Polaris FCI - - Shiba Inu Poland Dog Breeders
VAKA Go You Djenima - Sagitta Polaris FCI
Shiba Inu

Vaka You Go Djenima - Polish Junior Champion, Junior Club Winner 2013 Club Best of Breed 2013 Multiple Best of Breed. A dog with a perfect expression, beautiful head, elegant structure and movement, the magnificent robe.


Norra Vargar kennelCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Norra Vargar kennel

New and young kennel - Siberian husky. Information on the breed, dog shows, mushing. Photos and videos of exhibitions, training and racing.

Aarielle's Demon Zwergpinscher and Siberian Husky KennelItaly Dog Breeders
Aarielle's Demon Zwergpinscher
and Siberian Husky Kennel

Italian Breeder of Zwergpinscher and Siberian Husky.

Miniature Pinscher

Husky Center LothlorienSerbia Dog Breeders
Husky Center Lothlorien

Husky Center Lothlorien is a home for huskies and people who love adventure, nature and life with dogs!

Apache's Dream kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Apache's Dream kennel

Our kennel Apache's Dream is registrated in 2013, in Croatia. We started with one female (our first siberian) HONEY LUNA SIBERIAN NIGHT STAR.

On the site you can find information about our huskies, shows and breeding plans, as about avaliable puppies. At the moment we have 2 siberian huskies, Luna and Max. I hope that you will enjoy at our website and our huskies, and that you will try to experiance ''husky love''.
Boško & family

Bichiloba & Lobezno Siberian HuskySpain Dog Breeders
Bichiloba & Lobezno Siberian Husky

Somos unos amantes de los animales y en especial de la de Raza Siberian Husky. Desde nuestro criadero de Valladolid, intentamos día a día hacer felices a nuestros siberianos y mejorar, en lo posible la raza con ejemplares correctos, cariñosos y equilibrados. Disponemos de formación en neonatología, adiestramiento, educación, comisariado de ring, mushing, fertilidad en machos, nutrición, gestación, etc. Además somos socios de la RSCE, de la Asociación de Mushers, y participamos activamente en talleres infantiles para el fomento de la raza Siberian Husky y la iniciación al mushing.

Densetsu of KailashRussia Dog Breeders
Densetsu of Kailash

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника. Мы посвятили его Сибирским хаски и Акита-ину. На нашем сайте Вы можете познакомиться с нашими любимыми питомцами, с особенностями пород этих собак, посмотреть фотоальбомы, результаты наших собак на выставках, узнать о предстоящих вязках и продаже щенков. Наши услуги: дрессировка, передержка, продажа ринговых поводков. Также, Вы можете приехать в зимнее время к нам в питомник прокатиться на собачьей упряжке. Если Вы хотите задать какие-либо вопросы, предложения, пожелания по сайту свяжитесь с нами.


AnRus House Siberian Husky and Australian ShepherdBelarus Dog Breeders
AnRus House
Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd

kennel Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd Belarus Vitebsk.

Australian Shepherd

Beauty of Siberia KennelSlovakia Dog Breeders
Beauty of Siberia Kennel

Siberian husky kennel from Slovakia. We are small family kennel, registered since August 2013. We want breed healthy dogs with amazing character, corresponding to the standards of the breed. For more information visit our website!

Rose of NordicSlovakia Dog Breeders
Rose of Nordic

Sme malá chovateľská stanica s veľkým srdcom. Všetci naši psi sú členovia rodiny. Vítame Vás na našej webovej stranke.

Nera's touch of loveSlovenia Dog Breeders
Nera's touch of love

FCI Kennel NERA'S TOUCH OF LOVE italian greyhounds and siberian huskys breeder...

Italian Greyhound

d'Abajomy SiberiansBelgium Dog Breeders
d'Abajomy Siberians

Belgian breeder of quality pure bred siberian huskies, for show or sledding or as pet.

Polar Wilderness Siberians & PomeraniansSwitzerland Dog Breeders
Polar Wilderness Siberians & Pomeranians

FCI Breeder since 2000. Healthy Siberians & Pomeranians for Show, Sport and as pets for loving homes. Please contact us for more informations.


Jednicka Siberian huskyCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Jednicka Siberian husky

Siberian husky kennel from heart of Czech republic. We are family kennel living with siberians since 1989 and so we are the one of the oldiest kennels of northern breeds in Czech republic.

We are not so big kennel, we prefer personal access to every dog. We want to breed healthy dogs with amazing character, corresponding to the standards of the breed. For more information please visit our website.

White FangEstonia Dog Breeders
White Fang

Little Siberian Husky kennel in Estonia.

X Ni Ra Siberian HuskiesBulgaria Dog Breeders
X Ni Ra Siberian Huskies

FCI Registered breeder of Siberian Huskies. Member of Montenegro Kennel Club. We've been breeding, exhibiting, working and rescuing Siberians since 1996.

Nymeria's kennelCroatia Dog Breeders
Nymeria's kennel

We are small show kennel which main point is to breed healthy show Siberians and happy pets for each family!

Indigo Moonlight FCI Siberian Husky kennel Georgia Dog Breeders
Siberian Husky kennel

Welcome to Siberian Husky kennel «INDIGO MOONLIGHT" (FCI)!

On our site you can learn about the wonderful and very human-oriented dog breed Siberian Husky , about the standard and the basics of caring for a puppy . Our kennel is in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia . For the first time we met Siberian Husky in 2006, in Sled Dogs club of Polish city Bydgoszcz. Even then , being fascinated by nature , grace and endurance of these dogs , we decided to have such a pet too. Two of our dogs were born in Georgia , and later three more were imported from Europe - Latvia and Poland .

Our husky pack have bloods from the most famous kennels of the world, such as Nanook, Karnovanda, Kristari's, De Ciukci, Hydrargium, Stephenwolf and some others. Our dogs are successfully exhibited in local and international dog shows, some of them have already became Champions and Grand Champions of Georgia , and have numerous awards and titles , information about that can be found in the section Our Dogs . They are also the winners of Husky Specialty Show - FCI 2012 - Best Male and Best Female . Our pack also receives regular sports load - training in canicross and bikejoring .

We don’t breed for eye color ! Principles of our breeding - a continuation of the most famous breedlines and getting healthy puppies in correct anatomical type, with a stable temperament and mentality, who can be adequately exhibited in the ring and be great companions to their owners . All our puppies are being sold with a full package of documents (pedigree , veterinary certificate , contract) and vaccinated by age.

z Krainy Nigdy Nigdy Siberian HuskyPoland Dog Breeders
z Krainy Nigdy Nigdy Siberian Husky

Breeding Siberians with love, care and responsibility. Our dogs, no matter their age and the number of awards are always considered as member of our family and staying with us until their last days. Puppies and stud dogs available.

Vitania KennelBelarus Dog Breeders
Vitania Kennel

Siberian Husky Kennel in Belarus.

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