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 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Budstaff Kennel Staffordshire Bull TerrierFrance Dog Breeders
Budstaff Kennel

Budstaff is a familial french Stafford's Kennel. Budstaff it's just the passion of the breed. The first French Stafford export in England is "Budstaff Boagy of Jolihem".

Staffordshire Bull Terrier  Moon in StaffPoland Dog Breeders
Moon in Staff - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Welcome in my STB world! Pictures, shows, puppy, my dogs in Poland.

Staffyblue-BoyGreat Britain Dog Breeders

We have kept Great Danes since 1976, we are a small select hobby kennel who strive to breed healthy dogs of sound construction.

Closed Case Staffordshire Bull TerriersNetherlands Dog Breeders
Closed Case

Staffordshire bull terriers Holland.

Z Wulkanu SercPoland Dog Breeders
Z Wulkanu Serc

The breeding of Staffordshire Bull Terrier & Australian Shepherd. Welcome!

Australian Shepherd

Acherontia Atropos & Night's Butterfly kennelsCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Acherontia Atropos
& Night's Butterfly kennels

Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennels from Czech republic. More details on our website. All our puppies are genetically clear for L-2-HGA/HC.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier & Am'staff Staff-Ka FCI-Poland Dog Breeders
Staff-Ka FCI
Staffordshire Bull Terrier & Am'staff

Welcome to our website, dedicate two wonderful breeds - Stafford & Am'staff. Staff-Ka FCI kennel from Poland.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Shakka-StaffsUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders

We prefere the olde tyme (old time) staffordshire bull terrier, pre 1935 before the kennel club changed the breed standard. We still support the K.C and all our dogs are kennel club registered stock. We prefere a more athletic type of stafford, fit for purpose, agile taller muscular and not fat.

Stafford's need stimulation. We do this by taking part in shows across Kent, Surrey and hopefully international this year. We take part in competitions involving weightpulling, lure racing, long/high jump, speedpulling, A-frame and agility amongst other things. We do country fair's, dog show's and other events too.

Our Staffords are happy dogs who love everything they take part in. They are great family dogs also. We keep them very active. They are great with people children and other dog's. They are very much part of the family.

There are far too many unwanted staffords in the UK today. Far too many breeding's for the money. Any breeding (if any) advertized on this page will be for the better of the breed in our opinion, taking things back to how they used to be. Fit not Fat dogs.(only our opinion).

DKVR Staffordshire Bull TerrierFrance Dog Breeders
DKVR Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Small kennel of staffordshire bull terrier in south of France. French and english bloodlines.

Celticstaff Staffordshire Bull Terrier KennelHungary Dog Breeders
Celticstaff Kennel

Staffies from Hungary.

Look N LikeNorway Dog Breeders
Look N Like

Breeder of Staffordshire bullterrier & Borzoi.


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