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Is-Dvariskiu KennelLithuania Dog Breeders
Is-Dvariskiu Bullmastiffs

Bullmastiff kennel Is-Dvariskiu Lithuanian.


of Silky's Dream KennelGermany
OF SILKY`S DREAM Australian Silky Terrier

... dear terrier friend on the home page of Australian Silky Terrier OF SILKY'S DREAM. The ideal small dog for the whole family. Our habitation is knoll creek of a small city in Franconians. Here we breed on a smal scale frames with the breeding aim, from good blood lines, of breeding healthy, being - firm , robust and beautiful terriers.

Our dogs are raised in the family. We breed FCI according to the breeding regulations of the KfT, VDH, under compliance of the valid animal protection regulations and the acknowledged breeding order of the above-mentioned associations. As breeders we must fulfill certain conditions and editions so that our pups receive their acknowledged papers. Some must be produced at advance payment before a pup can be given. Responsible dog breeding requires a high financial and time-consuming use.

Our pups are given with papers VDH/KfT, worm-free, with inoculations. A VDH/KfT Ahnentafel confirms that to you your pup from a controlled breeding come. To delivery of our pups we are available still with pleasure also afterwards with council and action.

Australian Silky Terrier

Ser Camelot KennelEspain Dog Breeders
Ser Camelot Chihuahuas

Cria y seleccion de chihuahuas alta calidad en pelo corto y largo.


Four Seasons Kennel & Four Seasons Mexican KennelHungary
Four Seasons Kennel
& Four Seasons Mexican Kennel

2009. Top Spaniel Kennel
(all spaniel breeds of the group 8!)
2003., 2004., 2005., 2007., 2008., 2009.years Top American Cocker Kennel in Hungary!

Bronze- Silver- and Golden Rooped Masterbreeders! ... and home of the Junior World Winner and Best Of Breed 2010. Herning, Dania:

Chihuahua long haired & short haired!

American Cocker Spaniel         Chihuahua

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