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Kennel Ave CaesarSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Ave Caesar

Kennel was founded in 2011. Our plan is to breed dogs with excellent temperament. Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks should mainly be sociable and friendly dogs. This does not deny their natural hunting and guarding qualities. Last but not least, our Ridgebacks should be anatomically correct folded and beautiful, responsible to the breed standard.

But the most important factor is undoubtedly the physical and mental health of each puppy, which usually is caused by heredity good and proper raising. Kennel name is a Latin expression which reached to us from the times of gladiators. At present the phrase "Ave Caesar" bacame a common noun which used as a motto before a difficult test, which completely approaches to our dogs, which, we hope, will grow into active and versatile faithful friends to their owners.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Киндли Гланс питомник ши-тцу,
Киндли Гланс питомник ши-тцу, мальтезе

Питомник Киндли Глнас занимается разведением пород ши-тцу, мальтезе, бивер йорк. Продажа щенков.

Shih Tzu Maltese Yorkshire Terrier

Heljuheims KennelIceland
Heljuheims Kennel

We breed Giant schnauzers for show and ofcourse as family dogs. All our dogs live in the house as part of the family. Please visit us and read more.

Giant Schnauzer

Le Moulin de Fontcastel Elevage Familial de LeonbergsFrance
Le Moulin de FontcastelElevage Familial de Leonbergs

Elevage très familial de Leonbergs, situé aux alentours de Toulouse. Nos chiens sont tous L.O.F., ils sont sélectionnés sur la santé, la beauté et surtout le caractère. Très belle lignée de Champions d'expositions. Nos chiens vivent avec nous en famille, ils sont élevés avec amour, tendresse, passion et respect.


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