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Shih Tzu from Buddha's Paradise KennelGermany
Shih Tzu from Buddha's Paradise

We breed Shih Tzu in exotic and rare colors like chocolate, orange liver, mahogany red and so on. We are a in home Breeder not a Kennel. Our Dogs and Puppies live with us in the House with a pay Yard.

Shih Tzu

Belolakay Samoyeds KennelRussia
Belolakay Samoyeds kennel

The kennel samoyeds in Russia.


Rosia Kara Akita-inu KennelRussia
Rosia Kara Akita-inu kennel

Kennel akita-inu (japanese) in Russia. Picture stories with large dog show the Europe.


Lavr De Dis Akita-inu KennelRussia
Lavr De Dis Akita-inu kennel

Akita-inu in Moscow.


Rush Respect - Pug kennel clubRussia
Rush Respect - Pug kennel club

Pug kennel club. Puppies of a pug. Owner Sitnikov Alexander. Russia.


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