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Arasyd - staffordshire bull terriers Slovenia Dog Breeders
ARASYD - staffordshire bull terriers

Arasyd is a website dedicated to our staffordshire bull terriers as well as other non-pedigree dogs we own. Our dogs live with us in our house as a part of the family and we would like the same for our puppies. We breed FCI registered dogs that are L2-HGA and HC clear. We are currently expecting a litter!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Morvern Flat coated Retriever KennelItaly
Morvern Flat coated Retriever Kennel

High standard Double-porpouse Flat coated Retriever.

Flat Coated Retriever

Crystal Valley labradors chocolat France
CRYTAL VALLEY labradors chocolat

Bienvenue à Crystal Valley !
Eleveurs depuis 15 ans uniquement de labradors chocolat pure race, nous habitons à Baccarat (Lorraine en France). Nous produisons de beaux bébés avec un excellent tempérament et une excellente morphologie. Tous nos chiens sont contrôlés et sains de hanches et coudes (A/A et 0/0) et sans tares oculaires. Tous nos chiens vivent avec nous à la maison. Venez visiter notre site !!!

Welcome to Crystal
Valley! Breeders for 15 years only of chocolate-brown Labrador pure race, we live in Baccarat (Lorraine in France). We produce beautiful babies with an excellent temperament and an excellent morphology. All our dogs are checked(controlled) and healthy of hips and bend (A/A and 0/0) and without eye defects(tare weights). All our dogs live with us at the house. Come to visit our site!!!

Labrador Retriever

La Compagnie Du Loup GrisFrance
La Compagnie Du Loup Gris

Elevage de Chien-Loup de Saarloos.

Saarloos Wolfhond Kennel.


 Mandschu's Shih TzuAustria
Mandschu's Shih Tzu

Small Shih Tzu kennel near Vienna/Austria with good old blood-lines like Keytor, Santosha, Tameron and Louwan. We love to show them and sometimes we have puppies.

Shih Tzu

Rottweiler von der TeufelsaderGermany
Rottweiler von der Teufelsader

Welcome to "Rottweiler von der Teufelsader" rottweiler kennel site. French Bullies available as well.

Rottweiler         French Bulldog

De La Escarapela Shar-PeisSpain
De La Escarapela Shar-Peis

We are three veterinarians at home. I If you have any doubt or you just want more info about our puppies, do not hesitate to contact me ...

Thanks. Best Regards,
Juan A. Castro

Shar Pei

Kennel 'Gonar Boy'Belarus
Kennel 'Gonar Boy'

Welcome to kennel "Gonar Boytsa" in Belarus. My dog breeds - American cocker, English cocker, Russian Spaniel, Russian Toy and Yorkshire Terier. More info, my dogs, puppies, dog show and ...

American Cocker Spaniel         English Cocker Spaniel

Russian Spaniel         Russian Toy         Yorkshire Terrier

Rosteco kennelSerbia
Rosteco kennel

Welcome to Rosteco kennel - small, quality breeding of black miniature poodles.


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