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Nella's CavaliersSlovenia Dog Breeders
Nella's Cavaliers

The cavalier breeders have been working since 2005, we are the first breeders in Slovenia the inspections carried out in three generations of our own breeding. Our dogs are achieving world-class performance in various exhibitions.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Kennel DeliziosoSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Delizioso

Delizioso is a kennel of cane corso and pug. We are located in south of Sweden. We are focused on health and nice family dogs for showing and breeding quality. Puppies sometimes available out of healthy and temperamentally sound parents. We have possibility to sell puppies, young or adult dogs abroad.

Cane Corso Italiano         Pug

De la Plaine du RoannaisRoanne Loire Rhône-Alpes, France Dog Breeders
De la Plaine du Roannais

Particulier Producteur de race Berger Allemand, Membre SCBA, installé à Roanne dans le département de la Loire en Région Rhône-Alpes situé en France propose ses prestations de services en éducation canine en tant qu'éducateur canin.

German Shepherd Dog

VAKA Go You Djenima - Sagitta Polaris FCI - - Shiba Inu Poland
VAKA Go You Djenima - Sagitta Polaris FCI
Shiba Inu

Vaka You Go Djenima - Polish Junior Champion, Junior Club Winner 2013 Club Best of Breed 2013 Multiple Best of Breed. A dog with a perfect expression, beautiful head, elegant structure and movement, the magnificent robe.

Shiba         Siberian Husky

Windwarriors Australian Cattle DogsFinland
Windwarriors Australian Cattle Dogs

I have owned ACDs since 1994 and bred ACDs since 1996. My breeding stock is mostly basing Australian imports and their offsprings. My foundation dogs come from Pavesi Kennels. I breed 1-2 litter per year.

Australian Cattle Dog

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