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Sei Il Mio Grande AmoreNetherlands
Sei Il Mio Grande Amore

Sei Il Mio Grande Amore: Jij bent mijn grote liefde! Meer informatie op onze website.

Cane Corso Italiano

MagicSpot - english springer spanielPoland
MagicSpot - english springer spaniel

English springer spaniel breeder website. News, pictures and puppies.

Strona hodowli springer spaniel angielski. Aktualności, zdjęcia i szczeniaki.

English Springer Spaniel

Algrafs Jack Russell TerrierRussia
Algrafs Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier Kennel RKF FCI. Professionally breeding.

Jack Russell Terrier

Arcturus - Chart PolskiPoland
Arcturus - Chart Polski

One of oldest active Kennel of Chart Polski. Most of Chart Polski on World have in pedigree ARCTURUS dogs. Dogs from our kennel have most of title available to reach on Dog Show rings as World Winners ( 6 times ), Multi - Euro Winner , Interchampions etc, etc. Dogs from our kennel are also winning on coursings. Our dogs won 3 times Polish Coursing Cup. Kennel ARCTURUS was choosen 3 times as the Best Kennel Of Chart Polski by Chart Polski Club in Poland.

Jedna z najstarszych aktywnych hodowli Chart Polskiego. Psy z przydomkiem ARCTURUS są w rodowodach wiekszosci Chartow Polskich na swiecie. Psy z naszej hodowli osiagnely wiekszosc dostepnych na ringach Psich wystaw tytulów, takich jak Zwycięzca Świata ( 6 razy ) , wielokrotnie Zwycięzca Europy , Interchampion i Chempionaty krajowe wielu krajo Europejskich. Naszy psy zweciężają rónież na Coursingach. Nasze psy wygrały 3 krotnie Coursingowy Puchar Polski. Nasza hodowla zostala 3 krotnie wybrana Najlepszą hodowlą Chartów Polskich przez Klub Charta Polskiego w Polsce.

Polish Greyhound

Legend of Nyangani Rhodesian RidgebacksPortugal
Legend of Nyangani Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Criadores de Leão da Rodésia. Pais campeões com excelente temperamento e morfologia. Com LOP e Afixo. Ninhada prevista para Novembro 2014.

Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders. Next litter November 2014.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Les shih-tzu de CrioleeeneFrance
Les shih-tzu de Crioleeene

Élevage familial de shih-tzu situé dans le nord de la France. Spécialisé dans les couleurs rares et vives rouge et blanc/ rouge uni / noir / noir et blanc / noir et feux / bringé etc...

Shih-tzu kennel based in North of France. Specialized in rare and non fading colors (solid red / red and white / black / black and white / black and tan / brindle etc...

Shih Tzu


You can find our komondor kennel in Wallachia-Lachia, in a small village called “Žilina”. There is still live tradition of shepherding in our region, so our dogs can see sheep every day on walks, and it is remarkable to watch their guardian instincts to awake- they lie down and watch over the sheep.

Then at home they have a duty to guard the house and protect our little poodle and cats, and you can believe us that they would never dare to attack them. It´s unbelievable how komondors can evaluate and solve situations, when to act and when to stay put. We try to support their natural abilities, calmness and bravery, love for the family and caution with strangers, who they however have to respect in the presence of the owner. Well raised and socialised komondor is then not only great protector, but also a friend and rightful part of the family.


'Terra Grifonis' Schnauzer KennelRomania
'Terra Grifonis' Schnauzer Kennel

"Terra Grifonis" Kennel is recognised by F.C.I. We own and breed schnauzers since 1987. At the moment we breed standard schnauzers pepper-salt and black, miniature pepper-salt , and black. The blood lines of our reproducers are one of the most apreciated in Europe and America: v.d.Goliathhohe, Argentas, Del Prillo, d.v. Ley, v.d. Vananeblikhoeve, Gloris, D’'Utrillo, Chapiro, Viacirka's, Flor D'Luna, Cindy Land, Grand Calvera, Casso's, Nichi, v.d. Havenstad, v.h. Pauwenland, v. Baborga, Annifield, Blythewood, Ezust Granit, Tara's, Top Target.

" We breed your futures champions " is the logo wich we produce 1-3 nests yearly, by using very well chosen breeds. We produce show dogs and guarding dogs too (working dogs). All of our produced dogs who were shown in shows got very good qualifications and titles, and won the titles of romanian junior or open champions.

Standard Schnauzer         Miniature Schnauzerf


Wij zijn Marco en Irma Klomp, Wij zijn verslingerd aan de American Hairless terrier. Ons doel is een nestje te fokken uit een geselecteerde combinatie. Voorop staan Pret, Passie en Plezier, Een perfekte gezondheid en een uitstekend karakter. Al onze honden leven bij ons in huis, waar ze vrij rond kunnen lopen, spelen en knuffelen.

American Hairless Terrier

von Schönberg Vienna Chihuahua Austria

We are a small Chihuahua family kennel situated in Vienna, Austria. We have beautiful short- and long-haired Chi's. Welcome to our site!



Chov Lhasa apso od roku 1991.

Lhasa Apso

Lovely male Bichon Havanais for breeding. He has a super pedigree.


Diamante Rayas KennelHungary
Diamante Rayas Kennel

Breeder of Dogo Canario from Hungary. Visit it,and enjoy our webpage. On this page you can find informations our dogs , reference ,next breeding and puppies and huge photo gallery.

Canary Islands Mastiff

Punk Rock Stars Dogue De Bordeaux show teamSerbia
Punk Rock Stars
Dogue De Bordeaux show team

We are a small family oriented kennel in Serbia dedicated to preserving the magnificence of this historic breeds. Promoting Responsible And Ethical Breeding To Preserve These Amazing Canines.

The symbiosis with these beautiful creatures makes us different and more fulfilled, and it makes us happier because we have an opportunity to participate in the creation of something beautiful and perfect as either Dogue De Bordeaux or Boston Terrier is. Our aim is to maintain the balance between our dreams of breeding with that which we have achieve so far, as well as with nature and with that dictated by the highest standards of breeding. We live for a day when every new litter which we created will be bread, hoping that we shall achieve to create an even better litter from the one that came before and we shall further improve the breed. Even after so many years we still have many sleepless nights because we contemplate another combination in the future. It is nice to live daily with sweet uncertainty while watching how the beautiful small creatures grow into the fulfillment of your dreams every day. Dogue De Bordeaux is family. Boston Terrier is friendship.

Punkrockstars is a living dream. We thought it might be appropriate for us to share our ‘lifestyle’ and ‘belief system’ around our family of Punk Rock Stars Dogue De Bordeaux and Boston Terrier. We believe passionately in trying to maintain good structure and condition in our stock, i.e. that our Dogue De Bordeaux puppies and Boston Terrier puppies could efficiently and effectively manage a days work if called upon to so do. We run our dogs out over some fairly rough terrain, thus maintaining a level of fitness, commensurate with the task for which they were bred. Our management of the dogs at Punk Rock Stars United Kennels is very demanding, but undoubtedly reaps the rewards we seek - fit, happy and healthy dogs. We feed only a natural diet and the benefits are obvious, not only in our show age dogs, but particularly in both our young and our senior citizens.

Our goal is to breed healthy, typical and well balanced dogs with great movement. Longevity is a very important issue for us. We think old age in the lineage often can be seen as a good indicator of good health. We like to focus on old proven bloodlines rather than the "next new thing". Our priorities being health , temperament, intelligence and appearance of the dog. In this order. We decided to follow the quality plan of the French Kennel Club S.A.D.B. by submitting our dogs to the following detection tests: [HD] Detection of hip dysplasia [ED] Detection of elbow dysplasia [DNA] Genetic identification We are members of: FCI (World Canine Organisation) KSS (Serbian Kennel Club) KSV (Kennel Club Of Vojvodina) CDBS (Club Dogue De Bordeaux Serbia)

Dogue de Bordeaux

Fleur De Vanille - French BulldogsSerbia
Fleur De Vanille - French Bulldogs

Fleur De Vanille - Home of champion French Bulldogs

„Fleur de Vanille“ is a small family kennel in Serbia. Our main goal is to breed the best specimen of French Bulldogs, while maintaining all the characteristics of this beautiful breed. Our motto by which we live and breed is ethical and responsible breeding. That and our great love for these little creatures is the main reason we keep this “business” small and a matter of family. We have invested too much time and effort in learning about these dogs, training them and living with them and we simply cannot allow someone else to handle them.

We believe that this way is the only way! It makes us more fulfilled and we know the dogs are happy, healthy and in good and friendly hands! When it comes to breeding, our priority is health! We exclusively breed dogs that passed all health checks and are generally healthy, vibrant, friendly and without any serious diseases in their blood line. Since French Bulldog is not a dog who needs much exercise, we make sure he is active, fit and we prefer to feed them fresh and natural food. We choose dogs who are well-tempered, good companion and off course, physical appearance is also important.

French Bulldog

Mátragyöngye Berger de BrieHungary
Mátragyöngye Berger de Brie

Hello, I'm Attila Bonta from Hungary. i very like dogs. I have got Berger de Brie (briard) family. Parents are from Marky-kennel and Isildur kennel, and ten puppies were born on 29.04.2014...


Wrecking Bull KennelSwitzerland
Wrecking Bull Kennel

For more informations, please visit our Website...

French Bulldog

Kennel 'znad Antałowskiego Potoku FCI'Poland
Kennel 'znad Antałowskiego Potoku FCI'

Home kennel shelties 'znad Antałowskiego Potoku'.

Shetland Sheepdog

Von Flammen Der HolleHungary
Von Flammen Der Holle

The rottweiler is a working dog, thats why the workload and the instincs are important for us, like the health and the frame, appearance.


Zvezda EksbrayaRussia
Zvezda Eksbraya

On our site we would like to introduce you to our kennel of standard poodles. You can get informations about our dogs, breeding and our plans.


Kennel 'Vinnitsa Lend'Ukraine
Kennel 'Vinnitsa Lend'

Welcome to kennel "Vinnitsa Lend"! We will be happy to provide any assistance on breeds that are we have in kennel!

German Shepherd Dog         English Bulldog

Moinho do Céu RetrieversPortugal
Moinho do Céu Retrievers

Familiar Amateur Breeder from Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever and Flat Coated Retriever.

Labrador Retriever         Golden Retriever

Flat Coated Retriever

Kudlaty Tramp OESPoland
Kudlaty Tramp OES

We show and breed old english sheepdogs since 1985.

Old English Sheepdog / Bobtail

Infindigo Finnish LapphundsUK
Infindigo Finnish Lapphunds

Gorgeous dogs bred for good health and adorable temperament. Located in south Devon, England.

Finnish Lapphund

Of Sparkling StarlightFrance
Of Sparkling Starlight

Of Sparkling Starlight kennel samoyede - France.


Le Domaine D'AmserpaFrance
Le Domaine D'AMSERPA

Elevage Familial de Dogues de Majorque (Ca de Bou).

Majorca Mastiff

Kennel Spelniony Sen - Bernese Mountain DogPoland
Kennel Spelniony Sen
Bernese Mountain Dog

We have Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel. We treat our dogs like members of our family. We take them everywhere with us.They are very friendly towards people. We take care of our dogs, their health, happiness and best quality of their lives.

Litters in our home appear occasionally, with most careful selections of parents. We are members of FCI. On 28th of January 2011, we received a kennel name called Spełniony Sen (No reg 6169/S).

Bernese Mountain Dog

Paproci Zakątek Akita KennelPoland
Paproci Zakątek Akita Kennel

Akita is our love and our life. We have got beautiful dogs with wonderful character.


Lady Anna YorkyItaly
Lady Anna Yorky

Kennel for the selection of yorkshire, located in Italy.

Yorkshire Terrier

Nymeria's kennelCroatia
Nymeria's kennel

We are small show kennel which main point is to breed healthy show Siberians and happy pets for each family!

Siberian Husky

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