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Shetland Sheepdogs Navarette FCIPoland
Navarette FCI
Sheltie - Owczarek Szetlandzki

Strona poświęcona hodowli Sheltie "Navarette" FCI. Dokładne opisy wraz z rodowodami i zdjęciami naszych suk oraz bardzo jeszcze młodego pieska tricolor... Planujemy szczenięta. Zapraszamy miłośników rasy.

Shetland Sheepdog

French Bulldogs Malenkiy BesUkraine

Our purpose to keep and improve breed that to our followers was than to be proud and with what to Work.

French Bulldog

Schnauzers Touch of KiLauAustria
Touch of KiLau

Der Schnauzer ist ein mittelgrosser, robuster, kräftig gebauter und wohlproportionierter Hund. Sehr menschenbezogen, intelligent, temperamentvoll und mutig- ein treuer Gefährte für´s Leben!

The Schnauzer is a medium sized, sturdy, robust built an wellproportioned dog. Very human oriented, intelligent, spirited and courageous- a loyal companion for life!



In our website, you can see all of our dogs, pictures, pedigrees, show results in France and other country, puppies ... for the moment only in French, but as soon as possible in English. Thanks for visiting.

Giant Schnauzer         Standard Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer         Alaskan Malamute         Boston Terrier


Order puppies Weimaraners short - haired, after peak parents, father import with USA, reasonable price, nativity pup June, takings August - September 2008.


Leonberger Bertusowy GajPoland
Bertusowy Gaj - Leonberger

Bertusowy Gaj - Domowa hodowla psów rasy leonberger.

Bertusowy Gaj - Leonberger breeding.


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