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Yorkshire Terriers Goodwill Silver BerryHungary
Goodwill Silver Berry

Goodwill Silver Berry Yorkshire Terrier Kennel.

Yorkshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terriers Kennel Mexican BlackBirdSweden Dog Breeders
Kennel Mexican BlackBird

Breeding of American Staffordshire Terrier.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Fox & Kerry Blue Terrier ARTerriersSpain
ARTerriers - Fox & Kerry Blue Terrier

Breeding, grooming & handling of Fox & Kerry Blue Terrier.

Cría Peluquería y handling de Fox y Kerry Blue Terrier.

Fox Terrier Wire         Kerry Blue Terrier

Kennel Iz Sverkajushego MiraRussia

Our kennel is to Smolensk, Russia. Our breed: English cocker spaniel, Papillon, German miniature spitz and Pomeranian.

Welcome to our site! On it you will find information on our dogs, puppies, successes at shows, a big photo gallery and many other things. The kennel is since 1992.

English Cocker Spaniel         Papillon         German Spitz - Kleinspitz, Pomeranian

Bergers Blancs Suisses des Gardiens du PacteFrance
des Gardiens du Pacte
Bergers Blancs Suisses

White shepherds since 1989. Kennel specialized in working-dogs (police, patrol dogs, track, ring, RCI, obedience, helping-dogs, blind-guide dogs, rescue dogs ...). Also puppies for breeding, shows and families.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Rough Collies Godlike DolphinLatvia
Godlike Dolphin

Wonderful collies with excelent pedegree. Show class collies. Mind blowing gifts, smart, elegant, inteligent and very very sweet as collies are. I have been a breeder since 1986 when i got my first collie and since then i didnt want any other dog.

Every year there are aviable puppies from our kennel with good blood and they are doing very good at dog shows. With every litter can see that they are getting better and better, smarter and just brilliant.

Collie Rough

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