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Dalmatian Kennel BenfattoLatvia
Kennel Benfatto - Dalmatian

We present Dalmatian Kennel Benfatto from Latvia. On our Home page you can read about dogs, which had been breaded in our kennel, you can feel happy for their success in the Dog Show, or You can leave a request to choose a puppy.

In breeding we do accent on nice temperament, correct movement and good top line, but we mainly prefer the best of scandinavian lines. In our kennel we can help you to choose the dalmatian puppy correctly, according to your wishes and requirements. We will consult You in questions of feeding, gladly share with You our experience about puppy cultivation and education, also we will give you some useful advices about how to correctly prepare your dog for the Dog Show. Welcome to our web site!


Allevamento della KalesaItaly
Allevamento della Kalesa

In the old Palermo Arabian quarter rises Kalesa monument (in Arabian "the elected"), name that brings back to the affix "Della Kalesa"- chosen by Stefano Dallara and Pippo Saieva for their English Cocker Spaniel starter kennel. Born thirty years ago under enthusiastic sign they were supported, during the time by the passion and by experience.

Care that is second to none, mechanics and plentiful dog reproduction but that aims to a careful, polished, even if not always healthy growth of qualified subjects, systematically tested for hereditary breed pathologies. The goodness of this attitude is proved from the flattering success achieved in numerous Italian and foreign dog shows and in work trail. Near Palermo, placed in Carini, great and comfortable spaces, accommodated our English cockers that have in their pedigrees more prestigious blood lines and, from fifteen years, also American cockers, deeply wanted by Pippo, that became the first American cocker breeder in Sicily. On these cockers blows a breath that smells like citrus and the sea, that refines and animates also the activity of who, with animals, decided to share their life.

English Cocker Spaniel

Vento Fortuna ChihuahuasRussia

In kennel "Vento Fortuna" is conducted professional cultivation of dogs of breed Neapolitan mastif since 1998 and chihuahua since 2005. Our kennel is officially registered in RKF-FCI. Chihuahua of kennel-titled of a dog of the best Russian and Italian blood lines.

Our dogs - all members of our family. They live and successfully participate at exhibitions of any rank. Puppies of kennel are grown perfectly up, socialized and healthy, they have all obligatory inoculations and documents before move in the new house.
Welcome in our website!

Chihuahua         Neapolitan Mastiff

Rengohegyi-Orman Kennel Central Asian Ovcharka dogsHungary
Rengohegyi-Orman Kennel
Central Asian Ovcharka dogs

Don't put your faith on chance! We have 20 years experience with Russian and other breeds of dogs. We'll help you choose, raise, train and exhibit your dog as well as help you acquire breeding dogs. Professional Consultations.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

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