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De Ycul RottweilersRomania
DE YCUL Rottweiler

The official website of "Rottweiler Kennel YCUL" We are the oldest and most successful Rottweiler kennel in Romania, producing dogs only of ADRK bloodline.

Many of our dogs have achieved during the years important title in the world.


Selfisland Web design for your pet
Selfisland - Web design for your pet

Selfisland best web sites suggestions for your dog, cat, horse, ferret and other pet or kennel.

Dog Web Design

Damjan's Diamond FCI ChihuahuasSlovenia Dog Breeders
Damjan's Diamond FCI Chihuahuas

Diamonds are very precious like our chihuahuas are precious for us. We have small home kennel of this adorable breed. Our dogs are first of all our big pets but they are also successful show dogs.


Seabirds LabradorsSweden Dog Breeders
SEABIRDS Labradors

I have breed labradors sice 1981, all my labs have high merits from Show and field, I breed in all 3 colour, welcome to visit our homepage and take a look on my labs.

Labrador Retriever

Renmil SpanielsPoland

The Best Kennel of Poland 1999, 2000, 2001.

English Cocker Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Mittelspitze und Kleinspitze vom BollmannbrunnenGermany
vom Bollmannbrunnen
Mittelspitze und Kleinspitze

Individual breeding, home of brown Mittelspitzes an Kleinspitzes.

German Spitz

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