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Bistranska Great DanesCroatia

Great Danes Kennel - breeding black, harlequin, brindlle and Great Danes.

Great Dane

Tibet Terier of YnayaSwitzerland
Tibet Terier of YNAYA

Kleine Familien-Hobbyzucht.

Tibetan Terrier

Jomgarden's Berger des PyrénéesSweden Dog Breeders
Jomgarden's Berger des Pyrénées

Welcome to Jomgarden's!
We are a small kennel who breeds Berger des Pyrnes in home enviroment. If you want more information take a look on our homepage, mail us or give us a call!!
Regards Mari

Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog         Pyrenean Sheepdog - smooth faced

Vertragus Westies & Norwich TerriersPoland
VERTRAGUS - westies & norwich terriers

VERTRAGUS -westies & norwich terriers in Poland.

West Highland White Terrier         Norwich Terrier

Dobermannkennel Van De DonauhoeveBelgium
Dobermannkennel Van De Donauhoeve

Dobermann breeder since 1983. We strive for beautiful, balanced and healthy Dobermanns. We have several Belgian, International and World Champions, both in show and work.


All Irish GoldPoland

Sincerely Welcome
You are on our site about professional breeding of horses and Irish setters. Our passion and eternal dream were always horses. From recently we not only break in the horses but we also have a breeding.

We are still finding something new in the beauty of horses. They are unrivalled ideal. When we were trying to find their impersonation in other animals we found Irish setters.

Setters are for us a reflex the charm of mobility, flexibility and intelligence of horses. From this time, like a wind we are going together finding great joy in this passion which is horses and dogs. Please visit next page

Irish Red Setter

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