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Quinta Das Tilias  Labrador RetrieverPortugal

Labrador Retriever Breeder.

Labrador Retriever

Französische Bulldogge vom Schwarzen FeuerGermany
vom Schwarzen Feuer

We are breeder of Französische Bulldoggen. For more Informations, please visit our Website.

French Bulldog

dalmatiens du moulin de l'age France
dalmatiens du moulin de l'age

Love and passion for dalmatians liver and black. Breeding family.


Kap'Kanay English Cockers  Spaniel, Grand bouvier suisseFrance
Kap'Kanay English Cockers Spaniel

Un tout petit élevage de haute sélection, à mi chemin entre les lignées anglaises et les lignées des pays du Nord.

A little kennel with the exigence of the high selection, between the english bloodlines and the northen country kennel.

Un pequeño criadero, pero una alta exigencia de calidad, un mestisaje entre los linajes de Inglaterra y los de los países del Norte

Bienvenue, welcome, bienvenidos.

English Cocker Spaniel         Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Domaine de la Fleur des Champs NewfoundlandsFrance
Domaine de la Fleur des Champs

Family breeding dog breed Newfoundland. Advice and monitoring. Included in LOF puppies, puppies available at the age of 10 weeks. Large size and excellent character. Member of CFCTN. A great passion for the breed. President of a working association with water. Any visit is welcome and preferred prior to booking.


Mon Cher Bouvier Des FlandresIrelandNorthern Ireland Dog Breeders
Mon Cher Bouvier Des Flandres

We are a small and devoted show kennels based in Ireland and exhibiting in Europe and the UK. We strive only for the best and have imported into our kennels some of the most succesful lines available in Europe.

Mon Cher puppies are in show homes globally and our first priority is to produce sound happy healthy Bouviers to represent us as fine ambassadors of their breed in the first class homes they fully deserve.

Flandres Cattle Dog

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