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Kait KlassikRussian Federation Dog Breeders

We are breeding in Russia Boston Terrier and Staffordshire Terrier for show and family. Puppies, quality, character and show. If You want, please open my website and You will know oll about us and us dogs.

Boston Terrier

Samoyeds of UkraineUkraine
Samoyeds of Ukraine

Contemporary Samoyeds are direct descendants of the dogs domesticated by nomadic Samoyed tribes.

These white fluffy polar dogs imported by Europeans from tundra became participants of the heroic quests for the North and South Poles.

The breed standard officially points out that:
- "The first dog to set paw on the South Pole was the Samoyed named Etan, the lead dog of Roald Amundsen's team in 1911".
- "When he saw Antarctic Buck, Jack London exclaimed: 'This is the finest dog in the world!!!'"

This site features photographs of contemporary Sammies and dogs of the past; here, you will see the best Ukrainian Samoyeds and obtain detailed information on the breed.

We are always happy to welcome friends, aficionados of the breed, and all prospective Samoyed owners.



Int.Ch. Multi-Ch. CALIMERO Mysi kozisek (black standard male)
Int.Ch. Multi-Ch. HUGO BOSS Marco Bohemica (white standard male)
Multi-JCh. BASTIEN z Cerneho panstvi (black standard male)


Asociacion del Perro San Bernardo El CarcheSpain
Asociacion del Perro San Bernardo

San Bernardos en manada por la montaƱa.

Saint Bernard

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