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Mia Caoko MiaUkraine

Питомник представляет крупных однотипных собак от чемпионов Мира и Европы.Все собаки питомника обладают покладистым характером, с очень уравновешенной психикой и отличными охранными качествами. Приятного просмотра. Пишите.Звоните.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

La Bergerie du Pré NoléeFrance
La Bergerie du Pré Nolée

We are breeding working aussies on our sheep farm. We need stockdogs that have heart for work and health to do it. Working aussies was the breed wich suit us the best as they are stockdogs and also family dogs as they share our life.

Australian Shepherd

Yebelli's Italian GreyhoundSweden Dog Breeders
Yebelli's Italian Greyhound

Breeder of Italian Greyhound in Sweden.

Italian Greyhound

Kennel Esta CadoNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Esta Cado

A small kennel with lots of history. Lifelong experiance with basset hounds and with a interest for healthy and sound basset hounds. We also focus on the bassets track and hunting skills.

Basset Hound

Doux Rêves d'AmoursFrance
Doux Rêves d'Amours

Elevage familliale de Spitz Nains et Petits dans les couleurs Orange, Orange Charbonné et Black and Tan. Sur mon site partager avec moi ma passion pour cet adorable petit chien de compagnie. Photos, Vidéos et résultats d'expositions. Mise à jour régulière.
Bonne visite.

German Spitz

Rozcoe'z Kennel LandseerSweden Dog Breeders
Rozcoe'z Kennel - Landseer

Uppfödning av Landseer.


'Bon Fayr' Kennel griffons and brabansonsRussia
'BON FAYR' Kennel griffons and brabansons

Kennel Bruxelles and Belgian griffons, petit brabanson "Bon Fayr". Is glad to welcome you on pages of a site, Devoted to my small pupils!

To bibles it is written: " do not create to itself an idol, But my soul and heart are given to one idol - Griffon! Can, after viewing these pages and you Become the admirer of this remarkable breed!

Belgian Griffon         Brussels Griffon         Small Brabant Griffon

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