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Magus Toy Kennel Russkiy toyEstonia
Magus Toy - Kennel Russkiy toy

In translation from the Estonian language the word "magus" means "sweet". We named our kennel so, because when you take such crumb on hands, you wish to tell at once "You are my sweet!".

Despite the small size, this dog is active, cheerful, courageous and infinitely betrayed to the owner. A small dog with the big heart.
Best wishes, Sophia

Russian Toy

Mecseki Apr├│ka chihuahuaHungary
Mecseki Apr├│ka chihuahua

R├Âvid ├ęs hossz┼▒ sz┼Ĺr┼▒ chihuahua teny├ęszet.


P├ęcsi chihuahua miniature pinscher kennelHungary
P├ęcsi chihuahua miniature pinscher kennel

Chihuahau and miniature pinscher breeding.

Chihuahua         Miniature Pinscher

kennel WestyleHungary

West Highland White Terrier Master Breeding & Show Kennel.

Welcome to WESTYLE Westies. My kennel Westyle is home of FCI Registered West Highland White Terrier Champion showdogs and their puppies. Dedicated to excellent quality, health, appearance and temperament.

Our adult dogs and puppies live with us in our home as family members. Our life revolves around them. I have references in the USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe.

West Highland White Terrier

Old Averest LabradorsNetherlands
Old Averest Labradors

The main goal of my kennel, Old Averest Labradors, is to produce healthy, intelligent and sound Labradors. Our labs are entered for shows and take part in obedience- and gundog trials. We firmly believe in the all purpose Labrador who is confident in the home, field, water or show ring.

Old Averest is located in the north-east of Holland, and is surrounded by fields and forests. Our labs play and train in the local fields and streams.

We guarantee the health of the parents of each litter. We are small hobby breeders who treat our Labradors as our friends and companions.

Our goal is to improve the Labrador breed, to breed dogs with good looks, good health, super temperament, sound and willing to please, and to share them with other people.

The above is a brief resum├ę of my small kennel, where quality and select breeding is my first consideration.

Labrador Retriever

Deutsche Doggen vom ShivagoKrefeld, Germany Dog Breeders
Deutsche Doggen vom Shivago

Deutsche Doggen vom Shivago DDC1888e.V

We breed Danes in black & harleqin with white colour.

Great Dane

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