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The Lost Kingdom Chow ChowsSpain
The Lost Kingdom Chow Chows

Chow Chow Kennel In Spain

Our target is to provide with our study, effort and dedication dogs in addition to fulfilling the standard, enjoy better health. We breed always expecting the right moment leaving to pass the time between one crossing to another.

In this way we get some quality puppies and especially healthy and happy.

Chow Chow

Kennel WilmayaNorway Dog Breeders
Kennel Wilmaya

Kennel Wilmaya - Japanese Spitz in Norway.

Japanese Spitz

Stormy Corner Bearded Collie'sHungary
Stormy Corner Bearded Collie's

Here they love the Bearded only!

Bearded Collie

Des Gardiens de la HouletteVire, France Dog Breeders
Des Gardiens de la Houlette

Cao da serra des aires share my daily life since 1993. I breed them with passion and with a great respect toward the breed and its standard. I show regularly my dogs in Portugal and I even register them to the national club show of this breed.

I build a special cooperation with Portuguese breeders for using best linen in selection, beauty and work I mean. The quality of my puppies is well known in several countries, south Africa, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Nederland, Luxembourg, tchequia, suisland and united states. Ma reputation is bases on my great serious, healthy and well balanced puppies is my only aim for the happiness of their future families.

Portugese Sheepdog

Akita of Independent Inu'sGermany
of Independent Inu's - Akita

We live together with our 6 dogs in our house and garden (3male/3 bitches) and like this way of living very much. The natural way of this special kind of dogs is our passion. We like to share this awesome relationship between dogs and their owners-therefore we breed this fantastic dogs. Hoping to share this feeling with other akita-lovers once Akita - again and again Akita.

Akita Inu

Irokon Rough ColliesFinland
IROKON Rough Collies

Our ambition is preserving the working ability, sound & strong temperament along with faultless conformation and true collie type as cornerstones of our breeding.

We compete in working trials, obedience, and have our breeding stock character tested for solid proof of their capabilities. Our breeding is based on high quality British-Finnish bloodlines that combine all three main aspects of a truly good collie: temperament, health and classic beauty.

Collie Rough


Our cattery is focused on breeding dogs Havana.


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