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Tycon Japanese Akita InusWales
Tycon Japanese Akita Inus

Tycon Japanese Akita Inus are one of the premier kennels in the UK. Having imported, bred and owned Inu Champions we are able to provide information and advice to potential owners which extends beyond the show ring and in to thier homes.

Japanese Akita Inu

Vsegda s ToboyRussia

Belgian Griffon, Brussels Griffon and the Brabant Griffon. Interesting bloods. Dogs bred with love.

Belgian Griffon         Brussels Griffon

Small Brabant Griffon

Superb Blue kennelCroatia
Superb Blue kennel

Small and young kennel, but with great show results. Our dogs are blue coloured and we attend to breed blue shar peis.

Shar Pei

De Orphanus English Cocker Spaniel & Staffordshire Bull TerrierCzechia
De Orphanus English Cocker Spaniel
& Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The kennel was FCI registered at the end of 2008 after careful consideration. The breeder is my husband ing.Martin Fučík, but for both of us are breeding SBT great hobby and pastime, which brings staffordshire bull terrier in life. We prefer gold, red, Brindle and blue colours - with white points. Black stafies possess.Our plan for the future is to import the blue bitch from the UK and our coverage of Julia therein.

First puppies expected early 2011 and first top cover for our dog also.

English Cocker Spaniel breed is the perfect complement to our stafordšírskými bull terrier mum, and thank you for the opportunity to treat these amazing creatures. They currently own two bitch - gold - at the height of the border, and orange roan. Both come from very good bloodlines and are chosen for them the best coverage with unrelated pedigrees. The first litter is planned for 2011.

Stafordshire Bull Terrier         English Cocker Spaniel

Shira victory shar pei kennelHungary
Shira victory shar pei kennel

We breed Labradors primarily for work- Therapy and Service dogs. Our dogs are healthy for PRA HD and ED.

Please let us know if you are interesting of a puppy.

Labrador Retriever

de l'argos du Lys Yorkshire TerrierFrance
DE L'ARGOS DU LYS Yorkshire Terrier

DE L'ARGOS DU LYS exclusivement Yorkshire Terrier. Petite production, selection rigoureuse des geniteurs. Eleves en famille, dans le respect et l'amour, mes yorkies beneficient de conditions favorisant l'equilibre et une extraodinaire facilite d'adaptation. L'elevage a produit plusieurs champions.

Pour exposition ou pour compagnie, n'hesitez pas a nous contacter, pour un conseil ou un renseignement; le meilleur accueil vous est reserve.

Yorkshire Terrier

Allevamento della Terra del MareItaly
Allevamento 'della Terra del Mare'

Allevamento per la Selezione del Labrador Retriver ad Acireale, Catania, Sicilia. Le nostre funzioni:
- Gestione cucciolate
- Monte Labrador Retriever
- Consulenza scelta cucciolo di Labrador
- Addestramento
- Dog Sitter e Dog Parkinù
- Soggiorno

Possibilità di prenotare il vostro vostro cucciolo di labrador.

Labrador Retriever

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