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Quoys FCI - shelties' kennelPoland
Quoys FCI - shelties' kennel

Quoys is a small home kennel, situated in the South of Poland. We want to breed healthy dogs with good characters and temperaments.

Shetland Sheepdog

Kichinichi Kensha - ShibasGermany
KICHINICHI Kensha - Shibas

KICHINICHI Kensha - Shibas in der Lausitz

Extensive site about Shibas and my life with them. I run a small hobby breeding in Saxony and work as a dog trainer. Typefull, healthy and mentally strong Shibas from strictly controlled breeding - that's my claim.

Umfangreiche Homepage über Shibas und mein Leben mit ihnen. Ich betreibe eine kleine Hobbyzucht in Sachsen und arbeite als Hundetrainerin. Typvolle, gesunde und wesensfeste  Shibas aus streng kontrollierter Zucht - das ist mein Anspruch.


Petula-Vera Whippet KennelCzechia
Petula-Vera Whippet Kennel

Naši whippeti, odchovy a společné akce.

Our whippet, litters, shows and races, all our life.


Teren Kennel FCIUkraine

We have puppies of breed: Zwergschnauzer Black, Pepper salt and white, Deutscher schaferhund, Rottweiler, Shih tzu. Our dogs have nice titles at dog-show. We can deliver our puppy in any place if you need it.

Miniature Schnauzer         German Shepherd Dog         Rottweiler         Shih Tzu

Kennel Kurland DanisimusLatvia
Kennel Kurland Danisimus

Kurland Danisimus a German Shepherd dog and the Latvian Huond kennel Latvian. We also have the Russian-European Laika, Dachshund, fox-terrier wire, Retriever Golden. We can buy this puppy.

German Shepherd Dog         Latvian Hound

Fox Terrier (Wire)         Russian-European Laika

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