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Claire Noir Briard kennelHungary
Claire Noir Briard kennel

Our kennel is for briards in Hungary, in Center-Europe, close to Budapest. We have beautiful and healthy briards with balanced character. Their puppies are for family, sport, working, show and breeding aims with FCI pedigree.

We are looking for the healthy, the morphology and the working instinct too.

We have multi-Champion, multi-BOB dogs. All of them have working certificates, most of them have Cotation result in France. Some of them are active sporting dogs.

If you have some questions, or you want a puppy, visit our homepage, or write me an e-mail.


In Power - Boston and English Toy TerrierGermany
In Power - Boston and English Toy Terrier

You can find us in the north of Germany. Our goal to breed healthy dogs with good temperament. Dogs tested: OHC, eye-sicknesses (yearly), patella, spinal column...

English Toy Terrier Boston Terrier

Kaszavölgyi-Fürge KennelHungary
Kaszavölgyi-Fürge Kennel

Jack Russells For Show And Hunting

We are from a beautiful little village in Hungary. Our name is Kaszavölgyi-Fürge Kennel. We are so proud of the many prizes we won in Hungary and many other countries. Our dogs are the part of our family and we go hunting together! They have Australian ancestors, and Europe and world champions' blood runs in their veins. Visit our website and take a look at our breed!

Jack Russell Terrier

Prestizh Mistral pomeraniansBelarus
Prestizh Mistral pomeranians

Prestizh Mistral kennel litters are carefully planned with the main objective of producing outstanding quality puppies. with health gaurantee. Please visit our website to learn about us.


Be Aware - Malinois & TervuerenAustria
BE AWARE - Malinois & Tervueren

We operate with our Belgian Malinois and Tervueren Dog in IPO & Ring Sport and breed pure lines of work in terms of health, temperament, performance and vitality!

Info's and a lot of videos for breeding, history, training, IPO, KNPV, Belgian Ring, French Ring, Reality, Campagne, rescue work, character tests and much more. Feel free to visit us on our website!!

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois, Tervueren


Leonberger Kennel since 1995. Owner / Breeder / Judge for 40 years Stud Dogs available to approved bitches Puppies sometimes available.


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