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Stud cattle dog (import république tchèque) - chihuahuas chocolate, blue and classics colors.

Australian Cattle Dog         Chihuahua

Riverrun ChesapeakesIreland
Riverrun Chesapeakes

Chesapeakes have been part of our lives since 2002.

We set out looking for a dog as capable in the working field as the show ring and needless to say it also had to be a valued member of our family. We found not only a dog that filled all these requirements but from it has grown a passion to maintain the intelligence, strength and unique character of this wonderful breed.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Ginostra ŐrzőjeHungary
Ginostra Őrzője

The Corso is my real family, otherwise you will not even accept the kutyatartást. Have free access to the apartment and kennelmentes lives.

Their care with great attention, including walks, runs, own care and feeding. For me, the most important of the health of my dogs, quiet nature, a balanced nervous system.

My goal is to get more of the Cane Corso dog loving people get acquainted, endear, family, hobbies or munkakutyaként more joyful moments for you to obtain.

Cane Corso Italiano

Tangelcrest Chinese Crested KennelIreland
TANGELCREST Chinese Crested Kennel

Welcome to TANGELCREST Chinese Crested and Miniature Poodle Kennel in Ireland. Please feel free to visit our website.

Chinese Crested Dog         Poodle

Mountain's Pearl pyreneansFinland
Mountain's Pearl pyreneans

Pyrenean Mountain dog kennel in Finland.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog


Complete information about the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog, Romanian national breed, standard, photo gallery, video gallery, history, breeders, sheepdog.

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Csillagosz Pumi KennelSweden Dog Breeders
Csillagosz Pumi Kennel

Pumibreeder focusing on good health and mentality.


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