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From Fabulous BlackNetherlands
From Fabulous Black

Great Danes, harlequin and black with exelent temperament and health. Visit our Web site.

Great Dane

Vihak Bohemia KennelCzechia

We are German Pinschers kennel located in the heart od Europe specialized in this few large, unique and woderful dog breed.

The long-term targets of our breed activities and our effort consist in improvement of the German Pinschers exterior systematically, removing typical hereditary pinscher diseases and doing everything possible to ensure health, vitality, and balanced character of our puppies so that they can transfer these advantages to their children too.

We are trying to be still in contact with new owners of puppies, help them with breeding, showing in the future and provide advices related to education, training, dog sports etc.

We want to produce beautiful, healthy and top quality pinschers with respect to the breed standard and rules and have their happy and satisfied new owners !!!

Check our websites for more details, please...

German Pinscher

Kukolki Maya chihuahua kennelRussia
Kukolki Maya chihuahua kennel

Мы рады приветствовать Вас на сайте питомника чихуахуа " Куколки Майя". Надеюсь, что Вам будет интересно посмотреть все его рубрики и познакомиться с жителями нашего питомника.

В питомнике чихуахуа " Куколки Майя" ведётся племенное разведение гладко- и длинношёрстных чихуахуа, собак самой маленькой породы в мире.



We are breeding from the hearth of Poland! Welcome to the HuskyZone! You will find information about POLARCTICA, a Siberian husky kennel located in Lodz, in the very heart of Poland.

What is Polarctica?
- a home kennel, where dogs are fully-fledged members of the family that share our home and are not locked away in pens, while puppies are raised at home and socialized from day one;
- a specialist kennel that specializes in only one breed of sled dogs, i.e. Siberian husky;
- an amateur kennel, which is our passion, not profession or source of income.

Our goal is to breed dogs according to the FCI standard so that they are later awarded at dog shows and become excellent sled dogs, i.e. dogs that want to compete in sled races and are anatomically and psychologically prepared to pull sleds.

We make sure that the dogs we breed are healthy and have an excellent exterior and mental condition, allowing them to prove their worth in different types of dog sled sports.

Husky is not the right dog for everyone. However, it fits my life perfectly.Husky is my choice for life.

Siberian Husky

Des Jeux du VentFrance
Des Jeux du Vent

Elevage familial de Petit Levrier Italien.

Italian Greyhound

Kennel T&IA zwergpinscher and german shepherdBulgaria
Kennel T&IAzwergpinscher and german shepherd

Kennel T&IA for zwergpinscher and german shepherd dog FCI 49/99

We are very fan of Miniature Pinschers and feel passion of breeding of this breed. Dog quality: character , beauty and they are working dogs - it's the basic purpose for us!

We train our dog agility and obedience, some of them are therapeutic dogs for people with disabilities.

Miniature Pinscher German Shepherd Dog


Uzgoj i prodaja Dobermana.


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