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Quality Rough Collie puppies from Hungary.

Collie Rough

Del Sol LevanteItaly
Del Sol Levante

Italian Professional breeder since 1982 Pomeranian and German Spitz Klein black and orange colour. World Champion Klein Spitz in Paris 2011 and France Champion.

Pomeranian / German Spitz miniature

vom Eifelgrund Fila BrasileiroGermany
vom Eifelgrund Fila Brasileiro

Welpen aus gesunder und guter Blutlinie. Ohne den Standard aus dem Auge zu verlieren, z├╝chten wir auf Gesundheit und Wesen. Interessente Informationen rund um die Rasse Fila Brasileiro.

Fila Brasileiro

Snow Train Alaskan MalamuteRussia
Snow Train Alaskan Malamute

We appreciate and respect the Alaskan malamute - the ancient breed of dogs and we will be glad to present you these beautiful and magnificent Northern sled dogs at our information kennel site. Visit us and we believe you will fall in love with this gorgeous breed.

Alaskan Malamute

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