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'de los banditos pequeños' - HavaneseGermany
'de los banditos pequeños' - Havanese

Welcome to our Kennel "de los banditos pequeños". For more informations, the Puppies, Photos and the contact, please visit our Website.


Star-Mountain Strong Kennel - BloodhoundHungary
Star-Mountain Strong Kennel - Bloodhound

Star-Mountain Strong Kennels in Central Europe, Hungary, in Budapest. English bloodhound kennel dogs deal. Kennel founder of award-winning bitch, the type specimen.


Del Terro Perros - Dog kennelMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders
Del Terro Perros - Dog kennel

Dog kennel "Del Terro Perros" registration in FCI-RKF, a member of IBC (Internationaler Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club e. V.). Breeding Breeds - Chinese Crested, Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer York.

Chinese Crested Dog         Yorkshire Terrier

Little ChampsFrance

Chinese Crested, hairless and Chinese Crested, powderpuff By selecting the best international bloodlines, we are proud to have Chinese Cresteds dogs of quality and all our efforts go towards the promotion of this wonderful breed still little known in France.

Chinese Crested Dog


Familiar breeding of Cocker and Portuguese Water Dog.

English Cocker Spaniel         Portuguese Water Dog


Information about the breed and we try to help you finding your OEB breeder.

Old English Bulldog


Американская акита - питомник собак.

American Akita

Sparks Of The Tempest Shetland sheepdogs kennelCzechia
Shetland sheepdogs kennel

Welcome to the SPARKS OF THE TEMPEST Shetland sheepdogs kennel. We are a small family based kennel. Our dogs always were, are and will be equal and legitimate members of our family. They live in our household under one common roof and participate at everything that is going on in our lives.

Their health and well-being are most important for us. Our breed is based on english and scandinavian pedigrees mostly. We are aiming to keep and venerate a true british type of our shelties in the future aswell.

Shetland Sheepdog

Salonga kennelRussia
Salonga kennel

Kennel Basenji. Articles about the breed, photos and video dogs.

Питомник басенджи. Статьи о породе, фото и видео собак. Породный форум.


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