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American Staffordshire Terrier Notably Exclusive LinePoland
Notably Exclusive Line

Our dogs are our true love and passion. We ensure that the dogs develop psychologically, physically and socially and take care of their good physical and mental condition, as they are members of our family.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Bernese Mountain Dog and Pyrenean Mountain Dog Gamuvel PatouLatvia
Gamuvel Patou

Bernese Mountain Dog and Pyrenean Mountain Dog breeder.

We are therapy dog breeders Gamuvel Patou and all our breeding bitches are qualified and working therapy dogs. We work with small children and elderly people and always put dogs behaviour and health as a priority.

The father of the puppies is always chosen carefully and comes with good visibility of the family tree. We put time and effort into finding the right father for the puppies with good blood line, healthy nerve system and gentle behaviour towards other animals, children and adults. With this we really hope that our puppies will inherit the best characteristics from their parents.

Bernese Mountain Dog       Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Russian Toy Kennel GarrmiaSweden
Kennel Garrmia Russkiy Toy

We are a swedish kennel that breeds russkiy toy. The website is in swedish but we speak eglish as well. Feel free to send an e-mail or follow us on Instagram.

Russian Toy

Basset Hounds and Norwich Terriers Inkelink'sSweden

Uppfödning av Basset Hound sedan 1997. Jakt ,spår och utställning.

Basset Hound       Norwich Terrier

Terrier Brasileiro kennel QuelumaPoland
Queluma - Terrier Brasileiro kennel

We are a small, domestic breeding of Terrier brasileiro. Our dogs are members of our family, where puppies grow up with children, where they learn to primarily be a companion of people and still be a dog. A Dog Shows make a very nice addition :)

We invite you to visit our website where you can find more information.

Brazilian Terrier

'Miniature Bullterrier, Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Cardigan, Chinese Crested Dog - 'Apriori Vip' kennelRussia
'Apriori Vip' kennel

We exist since 2002 ! Our main breeds are - Miniature Bullterrier, Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Cardigan, Chinese Crested Dog. We located in Moscow, Russia. We always open for communication and keep in touch.

Chinese Crested Dog       Miniature Bull Terrier

Welsh Corgi Cardigan       Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Von den Süßen BärenAustria
Von den Süßen Bären

Bei uns leben Pyrenäenberghunde und Landseer als Familienmitglieder im Haus und Garten. Die meisten unserer Hunde sind Therapiehunde und Rettungshunde, da sie ein sehr ruhiges, ausgeglichenes Wesen haben.

Landseer       Pyrenean Mountain Dog

White Swiss Shepherd Dogs Kennel BeDaBlancoDenmark
Kennel BeDaBlanco

Kennel BeDaBlanco is a small breeder in Denmark. We make well socialized White Swiss Shepherd for family, show and sport.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

German Shorthaired Pointer Etta's Kingdom KennelCroatia

The kennel Etta's Kingdom is a small family kennel of German short-haired pointers established in 2017. It is located in a small town of Vrbovec near Zagreb. We expect Etta's litter on May 11th 2019.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Labrador Retrievers Just Precious TreasuresNetherlands
Just Precious Treasures

We are a small labradorkennel near the Dutch coast. We have since 11 years labradors, but our first litter was born in 2017.

We only breed black and yellow labradors. We try to approach the breed standard as closely as possible. Health and character are number 1, without losing the external characteristics.

We are member of the NLV (Dutch Labrador Association).

Labrador Retriever

 Miniature Schnauzers Hecateous Rise KennelCyprus
Hecateous Rise Kennel

We are small kennel that locate in Cyprus . We breeding Miniatures Schnauzers Black & Silver and Whites.

Miniature Schnauzer

Border Collies LisauraBelgium
Lisaura Border Collies

Family Border Collie kennel.

Border Collie

Bouvier des Flandres - Of Flanders BestBelgium
Of Flanders Best - Bouvier des Flandres

Occasional breeder. Our bouviers from the showline are national and international chapions. They are selected taking into account the characteristics, beauty and their social character.

Bouvier des Flandres

Newfoundlands Obush ShedRussia
Obush Shed

Kennel of Newfoundland dogs of all standard colors. We are engaged Newfoundlands since 1982.


Mastino Napoletano Casa di FiduciaBelgium
Casa di Fiducia

Breeder of mastino napoletano, italian Mastiff.

Mastino Napoletano

'Elevage de Carlin 'Royal As A Pug'France
Elevage de Carlin 'Royal As A Pug'

Vous recherchez un Carlin ? Découvrez nos chiens et chiots de race Carlin(Pug, Mops) Sable à masque noir et Noir de hautes lignées LOF. L' élevage des Carlins Royal As A Pug est membre du CFBTC, le Club Français du Carlin.

Show Pugs and Quality KC Pedigree Pug Puppies. FCI KC registered Pugs Kennel, proud members of the Pug Dog Club of England.


Irish Red Setter Amemait Ó ÉireCzechia
Amemait Ó Éire

Irish setter kennel in the Czech Republic.

Irish Red Setter

Samoyed Carpathian White SmileSlovakia
Carpathian White Smile Samoyed

Samoyed kennel in Slovakia.


Gordon setter Z Holubické stráněCzechia
Z Holubické stráně Gordon setter

Gordon setter breeder in the Czech Republic.

Gordon Setter

Irish Wolfhound from StarstoneAustria
from Starstone Irish Wolfhound

All our dogs live as complete family members in the house. Even the puppies are raised in the house, the mom is always there!So our puppies have the best start in life!

The focus of my breeding is the nature of our dogs and their puppies. This means that here is not bred for "Trend - colors"!

Irish Wolfhound

Zaniah's Labrador RetrieversSlovakia
Zaniah's Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever breeder in Slovakia.

Labrador Retriever

Irish wolfhound Mes amis de MafinnsCzechia
Mes amis de Mafinns Irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound breeder in the Czech Republic.

Irish Wolfhound

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Králův ŠpanělCzechia
Králův Španěl
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder in Czech republic(Prague 9) since 1990.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Die Wuppertatzen - FCI-ZuchtGermany
Die Wuppertatzen - FCI-Zucht

Wir sind die Wuppertatzen und leben im schönen Westerwald.

We are breeder of Eurasier and have a nice Eurasier stud dog with good puppies.


Arbenika FCI kennel tibetan mastiff - wolfspitzPoland
Arbenika FCI kennel
tibetan mastiff - wolfspitz

Arbenika kennel in domestic kennel in hand of veterinary technic and dog behaviourist. He keep the highest standard of breeding. Our dogs are veterinary examined, have displasia tests done with great results.

We put a lot of attention to good socialization of our puppies. We shipp our puppies everywhere. In Europe we can deliver them by ourself.

We are open for questions and visiting us.

Tibetan Mastiff         Wolfspitz

Inspired by Nature Great Dane KennelHungary
Inspired by Nature Great Dane Kennel

Reliable breeder with unique lines and show dogs. Advice on puppy education and guidance in dog shows.

Great Dane

The Dutch Generation - American Bully KennelThe Netherlands
The Dutch Generation
American Bully Kennel

The Dutch Generation was founded with the aim of breeding healthy and exclusive dogs. The Dutch Generation is located in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam - South Holland.

We focus on breeding the American Bully dog breed. Our main goal is to create an American Bully line where balance, structure, flexibility and health are our motives. Based on this ideal, we have established our kennel and occasionally we have a litter.

In addition to breeding dogs within our ideal, we believe it is important that dogs get a nice dog life. That is why we always try to find a perfect home for our dogs.

American Bully

American Bully XL Battle BullyzCzechia
Battle Bullyz American Bully XL

We are American Bully kennel (XL) from Europe with Internationals dogs and with originals blood line - Blueline and Alphadog blood. More info on our web site and FB profile. Now We have puppys for sale from two litters. Location in Czech Republic.

American Bully

Tibetan Mastiffs Delphicum OraculumGreece
Delphicum Oraculum

We are a small hobby kennel located in the beautiful Vasiloudi mountain village, just south of Thessaloniki, Greece. Surrounded by glorious mountains, rolling hillsides and an amazing view by the lake, we strive to provide our Tibetan Mastiffs unsurpassed love and care. We actively show our dogs with the FCI and when suitable will breed our Tibetan Mastiffs with the intent of providing new generations of sound & healthy dogs.

​We welcome your inquiries about our dogs and the majestic Tibetan Mastiff.
Kostas & Dimitris

Tibetan Mastiff

Pomeranian Jolly SpriteRussia
Jolly Sprite

Добро пожаловать на сайт монопородного питомника Джолли Спрайт!

Наш питомник занимается разведением замечательной породы - померанский шпиц! Питомник ведет племенную работу, закрепляя желательный тип, правильное анатомическое сложение, крепкое здоровье, и устойчивую психику настоящего померанского шпица.

Мы живём в загородном доме с красивым благоустроенным приусадебным участком со всеми нашими питомцами. Здесь они прекрасно себя чувствуют и имеют возможность свободного выгула в любое время года.

На нашем сайте мы постарались предоставить наиболее полную информацию о наших собаках, досуге, племенной работе, выставочных успехах и других важных событиях происходящих в нашем питомнике.

Также на страницах сайта мы разместили много интересного и полезного, посвященного породе померанский шпиц. Надеюсь эта информация поможет вам при выборе, покупке и в дальнейшем выращивании померанского шпица.

Приятного просмотра!


Marielsen Beavers & Yorkshire TerriersRussia

Kennel of Beavers and Yorkshire Terriers.

Yorkshire Terrier / Biewer terrier

Fox Tale Shetland SheepdogsCzechia
Fox Tale

Shetland sheepdog kennel in middle Europe. We breed pure british shelties with herding and working ability.

Shetland Sheepdog

Dachshund Kennel KreklingenNorway
Kennel Kreklingen

Kennel Kreklingen is an FCI and NKK approved kennel located in southern Norway. We have a small kennel for Wire-haired and Long-haired Miniature Dachshund.


Vom Wölfle American Staffordshire Terrier & Great DanesHungary
Vom Wölfle

We breed American Staffordshire Terrier and Great Danes.Our breed is in the beautiful south of Hungary. Also in Eastern Europe there can be serious breeders.

We are one of those who value the importance of health, good temperament and type dogs. Our kennel is FCI registered.

American Staffordshire Terrier         Great Dane

Von der Haager SchlossturmspitzeGermany
Von der Haager Schlossturmspitze

Japanspitze aus dem Haager Land. Marktgemeinde Haag in Oberbayern, am Rande des Chiemgau.

Wir sind eine kleine aber feine Zuchtstätte, Mitglied im Verein für Deutsche Spitze e.V. und züchten nach FCI / VDH Standard.

Wir sind vom Charme und dem freundlichen Wesen der japanischen Spitze begeistert. Informationen und Fotos über uns und unsere Hündin finden Sie auf unserer Homepage, auf Facebook oder Instagram. Willkommen.

Japanese Spitz

Murphy's MuffinsThe Netherlands
Murphy's Muffins

Pure-bred Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers conform F.C.I. standard.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Chihuahuas von der Isla Baja - FCIGermany
von der Isla Baja Chihuahuas - FCI

Gerne möchten wir Ihnen einen Einblick in unsere kleine Chihuahua Liebhaberzucht geben.

Liebhaberzucht bedeutet für uns Liebe, Hingabe und Verantwortung ! Da wir uns sehr intensiv mit jedem einzelnen Hund beschäftigen und die verantwortungsvolle Aufzucht der Welpen viel Zeit in Anspruch nimmt wird es nicht viele Würfe geben. Ziel ist es, die wenigen Welpen, die bei uns das Licht der Welt erblicken, als gesunde und gut sozialisierte Hunde zu übergeben, die ihren neuen Familien viel Freude bereiten. Besonderes Augenmerk legen wir dabei auf den Einsatz wesensfester und PL-freier Elterntiere, aus internationalen Linien.


Almazy Anabara yakutian laika kennelRussia
Almazy Anabara yakutian laika kennel

The desire, as many people as possible, to introduce the Yakutian Laika, preservation and restoration of the breeding stock, pushed us to the beginning of the breeding activity. For our work, we select the best of the breed by outstanding ancestors.

The priority direction of the nursery is the restoration and preservation of the old breed type, large and strong Arctic dogs. It is important for us to receive harmonious, mentally and physically healthy animals that conform to the breed standard, able to work and give positive emotions owners.

Yakutian Laika

Akita z Swarzen VaidenCzechia
z Swarzen Vaiden Akita

American akita breeder in the Czech Republic.

American Akita

Kaweria Rhodesian RidgebackSlovakia

Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder in Slovakia (EU).

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Tervueren and French Bulldog Sen VysočinyCzechia
Sen Vysočiny Tervueren

Tervueren and french bulldog breeder in the Czech Republic.

Tervueren         French Bulldog

ze Starého dvoraCavalier King Charles SpanielCzechia
ze Starého dvora

Family breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the Czech Republic.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Lyns-Avenly Shih-Tzu'sBelgium
Lyns-Avenly Shih-Tzu's

Small and exclusive Shih-tzu breeder since 1988.

Shih Tzu

Famurin kennel Russian Black Terrier and LöwchenFinland
Famurin kennel

Russian Black Terrier and Löwchen breeder from Finland. Welcome to visit the kennel website and post a message to email.

Russian Black Terrier         Löwchen

RebelBullys Old English BulldogThe Netherlands

RebelBullys Old English Bulldog kennel located in Limburg Netherlands.

Old English Bulldog

Sweet Fable Kennel BeagleHungary
Sweet Fable Kennel

We are breeding in Hungary in a little silence city. We want breeding so Beagle puppy which are healthy, beautiful and not least has an excellent nervous system. Come and visit our site. We hope you like our dogs and you will come back to see it!


Laving Briz kennelBelarus

whippet kennel is located in Vitebsk, Belarus.

We try to base our breeding program on the best bloodlines of Europe and USA. Our goal is to breed whippets in accord with FCI standard. All our puppies have full vaccination, microchip, export pedigree and good socialization.

Enjoy your visit to our website and to the individual pages of our dogs and if you have any questions, please don`t hesistate to contact us.

You are always welcome,
Julia & Elena


Tiny Heroes Mi-Ki DogsGermany
Tiny Heroes Mi-Ki Dogs

Schon immer spielten Tiere und insbesondere Hunde als enge Begleiter eine große Rolle in unserer Familie. Da es für uns selbst immer wichtig war, woher unsere Tiere kommen und dass sie mit viel Sorgfalt, Liebe und Fachwissen aufgezogen wurden, haben wir uns 2009 entschieden selbst zu züchten. Für uns bedeutet also Zucht viel mehr als nur zwei Hunde zu verpaaren. Charakter und Gesundheit, sowie ein Hund, der dem Rassetyp entspricht sind für uns Voraussetzung. Nur wenn einer unserer Hunde diese Eigenschaften mitbringt, planen wir ihn als Zuchthund ein.

Die Mi-Kis, "the sweetheart of toy breeds" wie sie sehr treffend genannt werden, sind eine Kleinhunderasse, die seit den 1980er Jahren in den USA gezüchtet werden. Sie sind verspielte, freundliche Hundepersönlichkeiten, die man (fast) überall mit hinnehmen kann. Da sie durch ihren liebenswerten Charakter viel Freude verbreiten, eignen sie sich sehr gut als Familienhund, als treurer Begleiter oder auch für die tiergestützte Therapie. Sie wollen den Menschen gerne gefallen und sind sehr anpassungsfähig. Vor einigen Jahren haben wir diese tollen Hunde kennengelernt und uns Hals über Kopf verliebt.

Wir möchten diese Hunde gerne auch in Deutschland bekannter machen. Um diesen Traum zu verwirklichen, haben wir vor einigen Jahren Kontakte nach USA geknüpft und so zog nach langer Vorbereitung unser erster Mi-Ki bei uns ein. Inzwischen haben wir zwei weitere Mi-Kis von der Westküste der USA nach Deutschland geholt. Alle Hunde sind im amerikanischen Zuchtverband AMRA registriert und für die Zucht freigegeben. Zusätzlich haben wir uns einem deutschen Kleinehundezuchtverband, Club der Kleinhunde Ebern e.V., angeschlossen. Unsere Hunde wurden bereits mehrfach erfolgreich vor nationalen und internationalen Richtern ausgestellt und haben auch die Zuchttauglichkeitsprüfung mit Bravour bestanden. Unser Kennel, Tiny Heroes, ist sowohl beim AMRA, als auch beim CDK registriert. Außerdem sind wir beim AMC, dem American Mi-Ki Club, als Züchter gelistet.

Schon zur Sicherheit unserer Hündinnen planen wir einen Wurf sehr sorgfältig, begleiten die Mama durch die Geburt und haben, vom ersten Atemzug an, einen sehr engen Kontakt zu unseren Babys. Die nötige Sachkenntnis haben wir durch entsprechende Fortbildungen und auch durch die gesammelten Erfahrungen. Wir versuchen stetig diesen Wissenstand zu erweitern, getreu nach dem Motto: „Wer aufhört, besser zu werden, hat aufgehört, gut zu sein.".

Beim Umzug ins neue Zuhause sind unsere Welpen geimpft, gechipt, mehrfach entwurmt und erhalten eine Welpenmappe mit Ahnentafel, EU-Heimtierausweis, Untersuchungsergebnissen und Informationen. Außerdem bekommen sie ein kleines Köfferchen mit Reiseproviant mit auf den Weg.

Falls Sie an dem Abenteuer, die Mi-Kis in Deutschland bekannter zu machen, teilhaben möchten und sich auch so einen kleinen Schatz wünschen, würden wir uns über eine Kontaktaufnahme sehr freuen.


Bichon Frise des Collines de ManonFrance

Petit élevage familial. Nos Bichons frisés sont séléctionnés avec soin, parmi les meilleures lignées, ils sont inscrits au Livre des origines Français (LOF), identifiés génétiquement (ADN) mais également dépistés pour les maladies héréditaires oculaires canines (MHOC). N'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec nous pour de plus amples informations.

Bichon Frise

Mastiffs vom BrandgutGermany
Mastiffs vom Brandgut

Wir wohnen in dem beschaulichen Erzgebirge in Sachsen. Seit über 25 Jahren züchten wir die schöne Hunderasse "Englischer Mastiff".

Besuchen Sie uns doch einfach auf unserer Homepage und lassen Sie sich von den Lieblingen inspirieren.

Herzliche Grüße
Ihr Richard Trommler

English Mastiff

Nosy Nostril Parson Russell TerrierGermany
NOSY NOSTRIL Parson Russell Terrier

NOSY NOSTRIL ist eine kleine Zuchtstätte in der Region Berlin-Brandenburg. Unsere Parson Russell Terrier leben alle als Familienhunde in unserem Haushalt, begleiten uns auf Reisen und allen anderen Unternehmungen. Um allen Bedürfnissen optimal gerecht zu werden, wohnt deshalb bei uns nur eine kleine Hundegruppe und demzufolge züchten wir auch recht selten.

Um so mehr liegt uns jeder einzelne bei uns geborene Welpe am Herzen. Nach sorgfältiger Auswahl der Eltern, allen gesundheitlichen Checks und einigen weiteren, wichtigen Vorbereitungen legen wir großen Wert auf die Aufzucht der Welpen, bei der die Kleinen ihre Welt erkunden und dabei eigenständig, aber in behütetem Umfeld vielfältige Erfahrungen machen dürfen. In dieser aufwändigen und anstrengenden, dafür für uns auch sehr bewegenden und bedeutenden Zeit möchten wir den Grundstein legen, dass unsere Nosy Nostril Nachwuchswelpen sich im neuen Zuhause als ausgeglichene Familienmitglieder einleben und als selbstbewusste Partner in ihrem Arbeitsfeld sportlich, jagdlich, wie auch immer: passioniert ihren Weg gehen und den Ihren begleiten können.

Nosy Nostril erfüllt als dem VDH/FCI-Zuchtverband angeschlossenes Mitglied die freiwilligen Qualitätskriterien kontrollierter Rassehundezucht. Tierärztliche Betreuung, Entwurmung, Impfung, Chippen etc. sind obligatorisch.

Parson Russell Terrier

von der WipseGermany
von der Wipse

Hundezucht - Bolonka Zwetna "von der Wipse"

Bei uns dürfen die Hunde Hunde sein und bei schönem Wetter den ganzen Tag im Garten verweilen. Regelmäßige Ausflüge aufs Land über Feld und Wiesen ermöglichen intensives Toben und Spielen. Unsere Bolonkas sind sozialisiert und freuen sich immer über Besucher. Mit Such- und Beschäftigungsspielen werden unsere Bolonkas gefordert und gefördert. Wir bieten unseren Vierbeinern optimale Bedingungen sich zu ausgeglichenen, liebevollen Hunden zu entwickeln.

Unter Aufrechterhaltung des Rassestandards mit der Prämisse dem Wort Schoßhündchen gerecht zu werden und keine Hunde mit 6 kg zu züchten, sondern die Zucht auf kleine Tiere auszurichten, widmen wir unser tägliches Schaffen rund um die Uhr ganz den Tieren. Wir haben Freude daran unseren Beitrag zu leisten, dass die recht junge Hunderasse Bolonka Zwetna weiterhin eine der gesündesten Rassen bleibt.

Unsere Welpen erhalten alle eine Ahnentafel, Gesundheitszeugnis vom Tierarzt und EU-Impfausweis. Impfungen, Chippen, Entwurmungen sind obligatorisch. Dies honorieren unsere nationalen Bolonka-Käufer, aber auch viele internationale Bolonka-Freunde aus der Schweiz, Österreich, die Niederlande, Italien, Kenia und den USA, die einen sehr langen Weg auf sich nehmen, um einen unserer Bolonkas von der Wipse ein neues zu Hause zu geben.

Besuchen Sie auch unsere Webseite und bleiben Sie informiert über weitere Welpen.

Zusätzlich geben wir immer ein großes Starterpaket und eine Tragetasche für Auto oder als Körbchen für zu Hause mit. Wir möchten, dass unsere Welpen gut gerüstet in ihr neues zu Hause starten können. Sie brauchen also vorerst nichts mehr kaufen.

Russian Coloured Bichon

I Came to Win KennelSlovenia
I Came to Win Kennel

FCI 22/2018. Breeding White Swiss Shepherds and American Staffordshire Terriers in Slovenia (Maribor). Active in dog shows and handling. For more informations feel free to contact us!

White Swiss Shepherd Dog         American Staffordshire Terrier


Seite über den Havaneser und Zucht in NRW Rassebeschreibung Welpen Wurfplanung. Viele Informationen über den Havaneser. Fellpflege, Beschäftigung. Liebevolle und verantwortungsvolle Zucht in Haltern am See, NRW. Wir sind Mitglied im Verband der Kleinhundezüchter e.V. , Mitglied im VDH.


Drokpa Tibetan MastiffItaly
Drokpa Tibetan Mastiff

Original Tibetan Mastiff breeding and research base. The best native bloodlines imported from Tibetan plateau.

Drokpa Mastino tibetano
Drokpa Tibetan Mastiff ITA

Sito ufficiale in italiano dell'allevamento Drokpa Tibetan Mastiff. Principale risorsa di informazioni sulla razza per tutti gli appassionati di mastino tibetano.

Tibetan Mastiff

Quodian's Wire and Shorthair Vizsla'sThe Netherlands
Quodian's Wire and Shorthair Vizsla's

Quodian's Wire and Shorthair Vizsla's since 1984

Striving For:
Natural Ability * Sound Structure * Excellent Temperaments * Whole Health.

Hungarian Vizsla (Short Haired)   Hungarian Vizsla (Wire Haired)

All Embracing Australian ShepherdsPoland
All Embracing

Welcome to our small kennel of australian shepherds. Our dogs live with us at home and first and foremost are members of our family. We invite You to visit our website to get more information about us :-)

Australian Shepherd

Catcher in Grass - Irish Red and White Setter and Gordon SetterPoland
Catcher in Grass

Our adventure with setters began in 2012, in our kennel we have two wonderful breeds - Irish Red and White Setter and Gordon Setter.

Irish Red and White Setter         Gordon Setter

van Olympiastaete DobermannNetherlands
van Olympiastaete

Dobermann breeder van Olympiastaete for work and show.


Jack Russell Terrier Elirica KennelItaly
'Elirica' Kennel Jack Russell Terrier

"Elirica" Kennel for the Jack Russell terrier selection. We have puppies selected for health, character and morphology.

Jack Russell Terrier

Lagotto Romagnolo Kennel 'del carpino Nero'Italy
'del carpino Nero'
Lagotto Romagnolo Kennel

Lagotto Romagnolo Kennel "del Carpino Nero" for the Lagotto Romagnolo selection. We have puppies selected for health, character, morphology and attitude to the search, we also offer training, grooming and retirement.

Romagna Water Dog

Petrixy Kennel PapillonHungary
Petrixy Kennel

Small Papillon kennel in Hungary where all our dogs are living as family members.


Irish Wolfhound vom FürstenwallGermany
vom Fürstenwall Irish Wolfhound

Liebhaber und Zucht irischer Wolfshunde.

Irish Wolfhound

Dina's Way Basset Hound Czechia
Dina's Way

Basset Hound breeder in the Czech Republic.

Basset Hound

Tileco Italian GreyhoundCzechia

Italian Greyhound kennel in the Czech republic.

Italian Greyhound

Rottnaples RottweilerItaly

Nostro Centro Selezione nasce dall'esigenza e dalla volontà di due amici appassionati del Rottweiler di tutelare la razza e soprattutto applicare il principio etico del cinofilo "vero". Nei nostri soggetti abbiamo sempre ricercato l'armonia di un soggetto e non l'ipertipicità, ossia quella esasperazione che in cani come il Rottweiler puo' portare a gravi patologie e problemi di salute.


Drachenheim Rottweiler KennelSerbia
Drachenheim Rottweiler Kennel

"Drachenheim" is a small family kennel located in northern Serbia, Europe. We breed Rottweilers from top German and old Serbian bloodlines, focusing on health (HD-ED, JLPP, Heart), genetic diversity, correct conformation as well as temperament and work ability.

Our dogs are family dogs first and foremost, and we only have 2-3 litters a year to ensure our puppies are getting all the love, attention and care that they need. All our puppies are born and raised in the house, following Puppy Culture protocols, and carefully matched to new homes that best suit their temperament and drive.


kennel Vanth welsh corgi pembrokeItaly
kennel Vanth welsh corgi pembroke

Amatorial bredeer: our dogs are part of the family: quality, health and beauty.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Stiubhard GlensIreland
Stiubhard Glens

Small top quality breeder of Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers. Our goal at Stiubhard Glens is to hold onto the breed standard whilst maintaining healthy dogs that are still fit for function. The main priority is temperament, soundness and good health.

We have our Glens in America, Spain, Nordics and Ireland and work closely with a lot of other well known breeders around the world. Please visit our website for more information and feel free to contact for a chat or to answer any questions you may have regarding Glens.

Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier

Komorowianka English MastiffPoland

English Mastiff Kennel run by an Englishman settled in Poland - expert in the breed Dogs only from the best healthy lines, dogs checked for known illnesses, dysplasia scaned.

English Mastiff

Labrador SalentoItaly
Labrador Salento

Labrador Salento Allevamento Amatoriale per la selezione del Labrador Retriever con affisso riconosciuto ENCI & FCI "AVONHYDE".

Labrador Retriever

Smokemout KennelItaly
Smokemout Kennel

Our passion and dedication to American Staffordshire Terriers and Australian Cattledogs lead us to a selective breeding to ensure quality, health and temperament Show, sporting, working and pet prospect puppies might be available at times.

American Staffordshire Terrier         Australian Cattle Dog

Indigo Moonlight Siberian Husky kennelGeorgia
Indigo Moonlight Siberian Husky kennel

Welcome to Siberian Husky kennel "INDIGO MOONLIGHT" (FCI)!

Our kennel is located in capital of Georgia, Tbilisi and officialy registered in FCI system in 2013.

On our site you can learn about the wonderful and very human-oriented dog breed Siberian Husky, about the standard and the basics of caring for a puppy. Our kennel is in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.

All our dogs are imported from professional and successful kennels- from Europe and Russia. Our dogs carry bloods of best Korean, American, Canadian, European and Russian bloodlines, such as - Winners Valley, Wolf Point, Kristari's, de Ciukci, Eskimoski Domek, Nanook, Hyperborea Tantum, Topaz and others.

Our dogs are successfully exhibited in local and international dog shows, some of them have already became Champions and Grand Champions of Georgia, and have numerous awards and titles, information about that can be found in the section Our Dogs. They are also the winners of Husky Specialty Show - FCI 2012 - Best Male and Best Female. Our pack also receives regular sports load - training in canicross and bikejoring.

We don't breed for eye color !

Principles of our breeding - a continuation of the most famous breedlines and getting healthy puppies in correct anatomical type, with a stable temperament and mentality, who can be adequately exhibited in the ring and be great companions to their owners. All our puppies are being sold with a full package of documents (pedigree, veterinary certificate, contract) and vaccinated by age.

breeder and owner, professional kinolog
Irena Bagdoniene

Siberian Husky

Proud to be Greek kennelGreece
Proud to be Greek kennel

Our aim is to breed quality puppies (temperament, health and morphology). We do a few well planned litters and want all of our puppies to have the best homes as they deserve.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Perfect PearlPoland
Perfect Pearl

Perfect Pearl to domowa hodowla psów rasowych. Jest zarejestrowana w ZKwP oddział w Lublinie oraz FCI co daje przyszłym właścicielom pewność o czystości rasy, zgodności ze wzorcem, zrównoważonym charakterze i przede wszystkim o zdrowiu naszych psów, które posiadają wszystkie badania i nie są nosicielami żadnych z chorób. Nasze szczenięta są wychowywane w domu pełnym miłości i różnych bodźców z otaczającego je świata. Mają kontakt zarówno z innymi psami, ludźmi oraz dziećmi.


Del MastiniUnited Kingdom
Del Mastini

We are a small hobby kennels based in Skegness. My dogs are brought up with my children and they are our family pets but I also enjoy showing them.

I show my dogs at KC licenced events and have qualified my dog reguarly for Crufts. I breed for quality and only breed when I want to keep a puppy for myself.

Neapolitan Mastiff

De La Combe Rousse English BulldogFrance
De La Combe Rousse

English Bulldog LOF (FCI) kennel. From 2007.

English Bulldog

Fairy's Kiss MalteseRomania
Fairy's Kiss

Bichon maltese kennel.


Mystic Fire Australian ShepherdCzechia
Mystic Fire

A small hobby kennel of Australian Shepherds focused on versatile aussies with excellent health, structure and movement.

Australian Shepherd

Kalvos AkisLithuania

White Swiss Shepherd&German Shepherd Kennel based in Lithuania, Trakai.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog

Gończy polski Leśny Gwar FCIPoland
Leśny Gwar FCI Gończy polski

Hodowla Psów Rasy Gończy Polski.

Polish Hunting Dog

Kennel Moonlight Kiss PapillonsPoland

I invite - to my new website !!!
In the years 2012-2017, I was a co-owner of kennel name „LAURETTISZA". This breeding is already known all over the world.

In 2018 I founded the second part of this breeding under the new kennel name: „MOONLIGHT KISS".

Zapraszam na moja nową stronę internetową!
W latach 2012-2017 byłam współwłaścicielem Hodowli o przydomku „LAURETTISZA". Hodowla ta jest już znana na całym świecie.

W 2018r założyłam drugi nurt tej hodowli pod nowym przydomkiem : „MOONLIGHT KISS".


Magstarai BichonsUnited Kingdom
Magstarai Bichons

The history of Magstarai Bichons from the beginning.

Bichon Frise

Voodoo Child Giant SchnauzersCroatia
Voodoo Child Giant Schnautzers

Black Giant Schnautzer breeders.

Giant Schnauzer

Figelio HavanesersPoland

We are small kennel of Havanesers and Lowchens.


iamlegend.euBelgium Dog Breeders

Korea's natural treasure n°53 the korean Jindo.

Korea Jindo Dog

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen from High Hill CastleNetherlands Dog Breeders
from High Hill Castle
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Wij fokken heel af een toe een nestje met pups, welke in huiselijke kring opgroeien.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Delight of Sunlight kennelEstonia Dog Breeders
Delight of Sunlight kennel

Small hobby kennel established in 2016 and situated in Estonia. It all started with growing love for Golden Retrievers after getting our first puppy. Our aim is to breed Golden Retrievers for loving homes, shows and work.

Tegemist on 2016. aastal loodud hobikenneliga, mis sai alguse esimese koera võtust aasta varem. Meie missiooniks on aretada tõustandardile vastavaid koeri nii kodukoerteks, näitusteks kui ka töö tegemiseks.

Golden Retriever

Iz Korolevstva D'Allba dobermann kennelRussia
Iz Korolevstva D'Allba dobermann kennel

We had started to work with the Dobermanns long before the kennel was founded in 1996 and during more than 30 years of history we have gathered a huge experience in breeding, training, and fostering Dobermanns. We invest this experience in our puppies and willingly share it with the owners of our splendid graduates ... Welcome to our kennel !!


Kennel UkkosakanFinland Dog Breeders
Kennel Ukkosakan

Breeder of Manchester Terrier. Ukkosakan kennel is a small home kennel. On our website you can find informations, pedigree, pictures and more about our dogs. Welcome to visit our site.

Manchester Terrier

Black SummitSerbia
Black Summit

Black Summit Kennel is family owned rottweiler and malinois kennel located in Jagodina, Serbia. With 20 years of experience in breeding dogs, in 2016 we have decided to make big step and officially register our kennel in FCI.

We named it Black Summit, which is the name of the mountain near our hometown where our country is located, and got FCI number 6128. What you can expect from us is to use all of our experience and expertise to provide the quality breeding and nurture for all our dogs, in order to develop their physical characteristics and character they are known for. We form an honest and open relationship with our clients, and stand at their disposal for any dilemmas or questions, and for anything else that they might come to need.

Rottweiler         Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

L'Argent Coeur kennelHungary
L'Argent Coeur kennel

A small beginning kennel in Hungary. To breed collie rough in colors blue merle and tricolor. Most important the character, health, moviment and size. Our kennel has been registerd 2014 at the FCI.

Collie Rough

Fancy Soul Saint BernardsLatvia Dog Breeders
Fancy Soul Saint Bernards

We are small hobby kennel of Saint Bernards in Latvia. Our dogs not only attend shows, but also are trained in Obedience sport. We breed only choosing the best combinations, trying to improve the breed with every next generation.

Saint Bernard

Arkadia Dream FCI - domowa hodowla psów rasy Golden RetrieverPoland
Arkadia Dream FCI - domowa hodowla psów rasy Golden Retriever

Jesteśmy małą, domową hodowlą psów rasy Golden Retriever, znajdującą się u podnóża Gór Świętokrzyskich. Mamy wielkie szczęście mieszkać na wsi, w domku położonym wśród łąk i pól, w bardzo bliskim sąsiedztwie wielkiego lasu. Można tu spotkać pięknie upierzone bażanty, sarenki i inne zwierzątka. Maluchy, które wychowują się u nas, mają więc doskonałe warunki do prawidłowego rozwoju. Poznają piękno otaczającej przyrody, uczą się również współistnienia z innymi zwierzętami, psami oraz kotami.

Pieski tej rasy są bardzo mądre, przyjazne, zawsze radosne i łatwe w prowadzeniu. Szybko się uczą, mają wspaniałe, łagodne usposobienie. Chętnie wykonują polecenia właściciela, ponieważ uwielbiają otrzymywać pochwały. Są całkowicie pozbawione agresji, nadzwyczaj towarzyskie, wręcz uwielbiają przebywać z człowiekiem a ponad wszystko kochają zabawy z dziećmi. Odpowiednio przeszkolone mogą być idealnymi przewodnikami osób niepełnosprawnych, doskonale sprawdzają się również w dogoterapii. Nasze kochane psiaki są pełnoprawnymi członkami rodziny, uczestniczą we wszystkich, domowych czynnościach, zabawach i wycieczkach. Towarzyszą nam podczas wakacyjnych wyjazdów, spacerów i zabaw. Podporządkowaliśmy im całe swoje życie a w zamian otrzymujemy bezgraniczną miłość i oddanie, które nie ma sobie równych.

Golden Retriever

Lovely Doodles - Australian Labradoodles kennelRussia
Lovely Doodles
Australian Labradoodles kennel

We breed Australian Labradoodles, Moscow, Russia. ALAEU. Mini and medium sizes, different colors. Puppies, Shipping.

Australian Labradoodle

Irish wolfhounds of Kate’s meadowBelgium
of Kate’s meadow Irish wolfhounds

A small beginning kennel. Our dogs live inside as a part of our family. Character and health are the most important criteria for us. We are registered breeders with the KMSH in Belgium.

Irish Wolfhound

Brigburn Labrador RetrieversUnited Kingdom

Small kennel of dual purpose Labradors.

Labrador Retriever

Crocs.Minilus elevage de Boston Terrier France
Crocs.Minilus elevage de Boston Terrier

Crocs.Minilus est un élevage de Boston Terrier situé en Bretagne à 20 minutes de Saint Brieuc. Nos reproducteurs sont testés ADN et régulièrement sortis en exposition canine.

Boston Terrier

Colors Of Heaven / Hunt StormTurkey
Colors Of Heaven / Hunt Storm

For Black,chocolate and yellow purebred Labrador Retriever puppies you can contact with us...

Labrador Retriever

'dalahast.nlThe Netherlands

Kleine familie kennel in midden van Nederland.

Wij hebben af en toe een nestje waarbij gezondheid en goed karakter erg belangrijk zijn.

Swedish Vallhund

'Elevage de Carlin 'Royal As A Pug'France
Elevage de Carlin 'Royal As A Pug'

Vous recherchez un Carlin ? Découvrez nos chiens et chiots de race Carlin (Pug, Mops) Sable à masque noir et Noir de hautes lignées LOF. L' élevage des Carlins Royal As A Pug est membre du CFBTC, le Club Français du Carlin.

Show Pugs and Quality KC Pedigree Pug Puppies. FCI KC registered Pugs Kennel, proud members of the Pug Dog Club of England.


Pudel, Großpudel & Zwergpudel zur RiegelfesteGermany
Pudel, Großpudel & Zwergpudel zur Riegelfeste

Unser Hobby dreht sich rund um den Pudel, wir leben für und zusammen mit unseren Tieren, vom ersten Tag an, sie sind gut sozialisiert, super lieb und verschmust.


Danibull - Slovakian wire haired pointerSlovakia
Danibull - Slovakian wire haired pointer

Danibull - home of Slovakian wire haired pointers.

Wirehaired Slovakian Pointer

Razydonia FCI - Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog & Polish Lowland SheepdogPoland
Razydonia FCI - Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog & Polish Lowland Sheepdog

We are a home kennel of two breeds: Polski Owczarek Podhalański (Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog) and Polski Owczarek Nizinny (Polish Lowland Sheepdog). We pay attention to raising healthy dogs developing strong, traditional type with stable personality traits.

Tatra Shepherd Dog         Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Cashmere Beleza FCI Chihuahua kennelPoland
Cashmere Beleza FCI Chihuahua kennel

Dogs are the best friends for me and my family, with whom we spend every free moment, mornings and evenings, and holidays.

Cashmere Beleza is a really small kennel. We do not have pupies quite often, but when they are born, it’s the most magnificent momet to us. They grow surrounded by love, and they get to the carefully selected homes. Because, as someone wise said: "A house is not a home without a dog".


Graylord's DeerhoundsFrance
Graylord's Deerhounds

Breeder Scottish Deerhound in France.

Scottish Deerhound

Tursiops newfoundland kennelPortugal
Tursiops newfoundland kennel

Breeder newfoundland dogs since 2000, Tursiops. Brown and black newfoundlands.


Jacksville Jr Jack Russell TerrierGreece
Jacksville Jr Jack Russell Terrier

Jacksville kennel is located in a suburb of Veroia,near Thessaloniki in north Greece. Our jack russells are result of connection of most famous bloodlines and concentrated on breeding with registered pedigree at Kennel club of Greece under FCI. Our aim is to breed healthy, balanced and full of tamperament dogs as true terriers. Our dogs live in our house, they are socialized, educated and well trained. They are also examinated for hereditary diseases of eyes and patella.

The puppies are born in our house and leave home at the age of 8 weeks at least, vaccinated,dewormed,microchipped,with health passport and fci perigree.

Kind regards
Xristos Milkas & Antigoni Karagiannidou

Jack Russell Terrier

Bolshajan borzoiFinland
Bolshajan borzoi

Happy borzoi in Finland.


Biscotti - Saluki, Cirneco and American hairless terrierNorway

Breeder of saluki, cirneco and american hairless terrier.

Saluki         Cirneco dell'Etna

American Hairless Terrier

Kennel ZuzzuStyle - Питомник ЗуззуСтайл. Tatra Shepherd DogRussia
Kennel ZuzzuStyle - Питомник ЗуззуСтайл
Tatra Shepherd Dog

Питомник предлагает щенков от Чемпионов, все собаки имеют тесты по здоровью и на дисплазию.

The kennel offers puppies from Champions, all dogs have tests for health and dysplasia.

Tatra Shepherd Dog

Petit Lévrier Italien du p'tit Grain de FolieFrance
Petit Lévrier Italien

"Voyage au coeur de l'âme d'un ange, né pour rire de la vie"

Plus qu'une passion, une addiction, un art de vivre. C'est avec plaisir que je vous invite à venir découvrir ce merveilleux petit être qu'est le Petit Lévrier Italien dans un élevage familial où la connaissance se mêle à la passion pour l'amour d'une race. Situé en plein coeur de la Bourgogne, nos lévriers vous attendent pour une visite et vous offre le café.

Italian Greyhound         Whippet

Kishdigra Kennels Alaskan Malamutes and Shetland SheepdogsIreland
Kishdigra Kennels Alaskan Malamutes and Shetland Sheepdogs

We are a show Kennel of Alaskan Malamutes and Shetland Sheepdogs in Ireland.

Alaskan Malamute         Shetland Sheepdog

S Severnogo UralaRussia
S Severnogo Urala

The certificate number 13746 on the registration of names kennel RKF in FCI through RFSS "from the North Urals" from 24.05.2012 Tribal mnogoporodny nursery
Central Asia Shepherd (CAO. Alabai Turkmen Wolfhound)
Anatolian Shepherd (Kangal, Karabasz,)
Caucasian Shepherd

Privetsvuem all lovers of big dogs on our site! Let's get acquainted smiley. We deal with the giant dogs since 2000. The kennel is officially registered in the Russian Cynological Federation (RCF) in 2012. From the very beginning our goal was to get the most large dogs with good bone and excellent working qualities. Our first dog was a huge Caucasian Dobrynya, in 2013 there were CAO, and in 2014 we brought to the Urals first breeding pair of Cangallo, at the time they were in the Russian unit.

To this day, we are dedicated to the breeding of very large and heavy dogs (Alabai, Kangal, Caucasian Shepherd Dog). Preferred height at the withers for our producers 80+ cm or more with the weight category of super tyazhy. We carefully select manufacturers for breeding work, leaving only the best and Stra fix every puppy the most outstanding qualities of our dogs: character, strength and tremendous growth, excellent working qualities and exclusive color. Rare gray color is another of prioriterov in the selection and breeding, to which we aspire.

Our first CAO: Ramesh Abdul-Sketch and had one of the most beautiful and rare colors in this breed gray. From these dogs began our love for gray Alabay. We first started to fix this gene in pups and successfully put on a show dogs in a gray coloration, despite the controversy and debate surrounding. Now this color trendy, exclusive, popular and is still the most rare and eye-catching, always and everywhere. We try to get puppies in all varia tions of gray color from light to dark. This is our brand, our brand, our devotion and love for the gray Alabay.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog         Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dog         Chihuahua

Canis Bohemia BologneseMoravian Silesian region, Czechia
Canis Bohemia

Small kennel, family style.

We are focused on the breed Bolognese. The number one priority is the health of the bred individuals and the beauty of their exterior.

The tradition of almost 20 years.
The owner and breeder Iva Geryková.


Somebody to love Australian ShepherdsBelgium
Somebody to love

Smalle Australian Shepherd breeder in Belgium. We breed with passion and love for our dogs.

Australian Shepherd

Kennel de Amica Mea (DAM`s kennel) Louisiana Catahoulas and EntlebucherSlovenia
Kennel de Amica Mea (DAM`s kennel)
Louisiana Catahoulas and Entlebucher

We are small breeders, located in countryside of Kranj, Slovenia. We are FCI, NALC and EALC registered breeders for breeds Louisiana Catahoula and Entlebucher mountain dog.

Our goal are health dogs, with stable character, with passion for work, people-oriented and friendly.

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog         Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Iceonfyr Alaskan MalamutesUnited Kingdom
Iceonfyr Alaskan Malamutes

IceonFyr Alaskan Malamutes are a small dual purpose kennel based in Central Scotland.

Alaskan Malamute

Smiling Amigo’s AmstaffsBelgium
Smiling Amigo’s Amstaffs

Amstaffs with a smile

Smiling Amigo’s is a small hobby kennel who love to show the Amstaff on dogshows around Europe. We love the Woods bloodline.

American Staffordshire Terrier

kennel Pakhra Magnifika Dogo ArgentinoRussia
Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is the very only breed we are specialized for. Our mission is to preserve the breed and to make that amazing breed be more popular among people.

Our goal is to breed healthy great looking dogos with perfect temperament which will be great family companion and truly family member. Our goal is to preserve unic abilities of dogos be multipurposal and suitable in all spheres of life - be winners in conformation shows, be great in sports activity, work in military and in protection, be great hunter.

Dogo Argentino

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