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Tibetan Terriers du Comble de BonheurBelgium
du Comble de Bonheur Tibetan Terriers

Located near Ghent. Small succesfull kennel. We breed only a few litters per year. All our dogs are HD and eye tested. Members of the Belgian, Dutch, French and English Tibetan terrier Club.

Tibetan Terrier

Dobermanns van Crowded HouseBelgium
van Crowded House Dobermanns

Since 1990 we dedicated our lives to our Dobermanns. Our Dobermanns are devoted, friendly, passionate and stylish with a considerable dose of self-confidence and a stable character. They are family dogs to the backbone.

With our combinations we found the perfect balance between beauty and character. Every puppy is raised in a social and familial environment and grow up in the house of course. For information or a visit without further engagement you can always contact us.

Dobermann Miniature Pinscher

de Romajeda - Bernese Moutain dogs

We breed BMD's for several years and have a few litters a year. All our dogs are Hd and Ed tested. Come and visit our site.

Bernese Moutain Dog

Akita kennel TokimitsuBelgium
TOKIMITSU Akita kennel

Based near to Brussels, the beautiful capital of Europe, we are breeding the wonderful Akita's. We try to improve the high quality with love and passion. Our dogs are well socialised and of high quality. Import from France and soon arrival of a new japanese import bloodline.Puppies from time to time. Weekly update of the site.

Akita Inu

Dobermann Elevage du Clos des GrognardsBelgium
Elevage du Clos des Grognards - Dobermann

Breeding of Doberman pinschers, breeding du clos des grognards (Belgium and France). Stockbreeder of Doberman pinschers since more than 25 years. All information on our champions, puppies, broods, females, males. Find their photographs and pedigree. History of the race Doberman pinscher.


Alaskan Malamutes Kinuk'sBelgium
Kinuk's Alaskan Malamutes

We are breeding healthy and sound Alaskan Malamutes with the original temperament and working attitude. Quality handling is also available for shows.

Alaskan Malamute

American Triumph Akita KennelBelgium
American Triumph Akita Kennel

Top showdog akita kennel, Pups availlable.

American Akita

Jack Russell Terriers Of King's IsleBelgium
Of King's Isle Jack Russell Terriers

Of King's Isle est un petit elevage des Jack Russell Terriers pur race au bord de la majestueuse Bruges.

Of King's Isle a comme bût d' élever des Jack Russell Terriers qui satisfont non seulement en ce qui concerne la beauté à toutes exigences, mais aussi en ce qui concerne le caractère et l'éducation. Aussi bien Count Cortez, Duchesse Brontë que Gwynn's Lady Of King's Isle ont été éduqués dans un environnement social et polyvalent. Les gens, les chiens, les chevaux, les enfants, ... font pour eux partie de leur vie quotidienne. Leur vie se produit aussi bien à l'intérieur que dehors. Beaucoup d' attention est consacrée à la socialisation avec tous aspects de la vie quotidienne.

De temps en temp on a des chiots superbes!
Count Cortez est disponible pour des saillies des femelles incrites et avec pedigree.

Pour plus d'information, n'hésitez pas a jeter un coup d'oeil sur site.

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