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 RE-HLA kennel Tibetan Mastiff - Do KhyiCzechia
RE-HLA kennel Tibetan Mastiff - Do Khyi

Kennel RE-HLA with more than 30 years of history dealing with the breeding Tibetan mastiff, to Khyi. In our kennel you will find a unique individual with a lion's coat with tipical nature and character.

 We offer Tibetan mastiff puppies for show champions. The Tibetan Mastiff is a unique ancient breed prized for its watchful nature. It's a great companion for a family and an excellent watchdog. Our puppies are socialized with breeding service for you and your dog.

 Visit our website and learn more about us.

Tibetan Mastiff

z Královské pevnůstkyCzechia
z Královské pevnůstky

Kennel of miniature Schnauzer, standard schnauzer and big poodle .

Miniature Schnauzer         Standard Schnauzer         Poodle

Tomadochi Akita InuCzechia
Tomadochi Akita Inu

Naším chovatelským cílem je odchovávat zdravá štěňátka s výborným exteriérem i rodokmenem a především s vyrovnanou povahou, aby byli skvělými společníky, a proto klademe velký důraz na správnou socializaci. Také chceme, aby naše odchovy byly typickými představitely plemene.

Velmi zodpovědně proto vybíráme rodiče a snažíme se absolvovat povinná i nepovinná zdravotní vyšetření.Naše mezinárodně chráněná chovatelská stanice Tomadochi (přítel) byla zaregistrována pod FCI v roce 2010.

Akita Inu

Dajavera - kennel of Border colliesCzechia
Dajavera - kennel of Border collies

Border collie kennel, stud dogs, dogs activities, sport, shows, herding.

Border Collie


We are a small kennel breeding only 1 litter per year. All our pups are raised inside and are handled by many people and children since birth.  We strive to breed good quality, healthy, strong and sound pups for work, show or pet.  Demand for our pups is far greater than supply, however quality is more important to us than quantity.

We are not a "for profit breeder". Puppies are produced to provide us with new contenders and only  after many hours of research into pedigrees & bloodlines, (searching for the "right" match as opposed to the number of champions, color or location), health tests (HD, ED, PRA-prcd) and screening on breeding individuals, and numerous other criteria in an attempt to make each litter an improvement on the last.

Our breeding aim is to breed high quality ACDs with conformation to ACD standard, socialized puppies, suitable to live in a family.

Puppies are on a strict worming and vaccination schedule.  They are socialized with our dogs and family.  We believe that the more social a puppy is  -  the better dog he/she will make.

Puppies are BAER tested (brain-stem auditory evoked response), and microchipped.

Australian Cattle Dog

kennel z Koru Bo-RyCzechia
kennel z Koru Bo-Ry

Kennel of border collies emphasize on health, sufficient movement and mental peace of our dogs.

Border Collie

Mille TalentiCzechia
Mille Talenti

Medium black Poodle, Prcd-PRA, Patella luxation, Ophtalmology eye exam (PRA), schows, puppies.


Kennel od Benga - Miniature BullterierCzechia
Kennel od Benga - Miniature Bullterier

Kennel in Czech republic - Miniature Bullterier.    

Miniature Bull Terrier

Baleff GunCzechia
Baleff Gun

We are a small family kennel that breeds Jack Russell Terrier dogs. To establish our own breeding we have chosen the offsprings of the Australian ancestors born in Czech kennels.

Jack Russell Terrier

Dona ZuziaCzechia

Kennel DONA ZUZIA specializes in breeding of Borzois - Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya. Our breeding is unique mainly in characters, health, exterior and interesting bloodlines. We love our borzois a lot and we are best friends with them for whole life.

And our motto is: "Never can't be the beauty more important than the health and characters of the Borzois."


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