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Princess Sherry Chinese Crested DogCzechia
Princess Sherry Chinese Crested Dog

Small family kennel of Chinese Crested Dogs in the Czech republice. Preference the quality and health of my dogs and puppies.

Chinese Crested Dog


Pomeranian breeder in Czech Republic.


Avesta PeritasCzechia
Avesta Peritas

We are small breeders of the English Mastiff. Our goal is to breed healthy dogs for Shows and familly life.

English Mastiff

Ambra ProfessionalCzechia
Ambra Professional

Breeding Border Collies are engaged from 1996. Our dogs are used for breeding high-definition A further medical examination. We have a sable, black and white, merle border collie. Our dogs are working dogs in my school, we are all activities - agility, flyball, IPO ...

Border Collie

Belo Arvoredo - Terrier Brasileiro kennelCzechia
Belo Arvoredo - Terrier Brasileiro kennel

FCI Terrier Brasileiro Kennel in Czech Republic - our dogs: HIGIENOPOLIS URI - Blue Tricolor male dog, HIGIENOPOLIS UMA - Black Tricolor female dog.

Brazilian Terrier

Davinika - Jack Russell TerrierCzechia
DAVINIKA - Jack Russell Terrier

Small family kennel of Jack Russell terriers Australian blood lines in the Czech republice. Preference the quality and health of my dogs and puppies.

Jack Russell Terrier

Kamiwaza Akita inu and Shiba inuCzechia
KAMIWAZA Akita inu and Shiba inu

We breeding two breeds Akita inu and Shiba inu. Akita color blue brindle and Shiba in color black and tan.

Akita inu Shiba inu

Palumar - Keeshond, Wolfspitz, KleinspitzCzechia
Palumar - Keeshond, Wolfspitz, Kleinspitz

PALUMAR Kennel - German Spitz breed dogs - Wolfspitz, Keeshond, Kleinspitz.

Keeshond , Wolfspitz , Kleinspitz

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