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Kennel od Hadího potokaCzechia
Kennel od Hadího potoka

Our small kennel presents dogs breed Bloodhound and Basset hound. On our websites you can find information and photos about our dogs, the future litters and many more. Our goal is to breed healthy, breed-typical and sociable dogs - with love and care.


Tosa KenCzechia
Tosa Ken

Our small kennel Tosa Ken deals only breeds Tosa Inu.

Tosa Inu

Asisa BlissCzechia
Asisa Bliss

Kennel American cocker spaniel Asisa Bliss from Czech Republic.

American Cocker Spaniel

Dalmatian kennel Petrovicky vitrCzechia
Petrovicky vitr dalmatian kennel

Our kennel Petrovicky vitr since in 1989.

We breed black and liver spotted dalmatians. Our breeding specialized in health, characters and exterior. Our dalmatians are sportingly lead and we make with them cannisterapy too.They have many dogshow succies. And we love them.


Pumida KennelCzechia
Pumida Kennel

Kennel breed Pumi.


Kennel ErefCzechia
Kennel Eref

Small kennel black plus black and white Newfoundland in Czech republic. Shall we Newfoundland since 1990.


Libami kennelCzechia
Libami kennel

Libami kennel - ... feel free to contact us.

Rhodesian Ridgeback         Irish Wolfhound

Chesapeake Bay Retriever         Parson Russell Terrier

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