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Estekot de La Torre de JustoCzechia

Cover male from Espana - KOUDY, HD 0/0 (Estekot de la Torre de Justo), CAJC, CAC, r.CACIB, working dog, healthy.

Deckenrüde aus Spain - KOUDY, HD 0/0 (Estekot de la Torre de Justo) CAJC, CAC, r.CACIB, arbeits-hunde, gesund.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

multiCh. Virko du Vanil des ArtsesCzechia

Cover male multiCH.RIČÍ, HD 0/0 (Virko du Vanil des Artses from French), Champion cz, Champion klub, Grandchampion, Juniorchampion cz, Juniorchampion klub, Juniorchampion Slowakei, club young winner, club winner, national winner, BIS special show, BIS klub show, 27xCAC, 17xCACIB, 32xBOB, 30x BIS Juniorhandling, r.BIS FCI 1 for Year 2006, rr.BIS FCI 1 for Year 2007.

Deckenrüde multiCH.Ričí,HD 0/0 (Virko du Vanil des Artses aus Frankreich).

Catalan Sheepdog

JCh. Murtoi's BongoCzechia

Cover male JCH.JCH.DJ (MURTOI´S BONGO) - young male, 90cm high, Juniorchampion cz, Juniorchampion klub, club young winner, National winner, BIS Adulthandling, 3x BOB, 7x CAJC, working dog.

Deckenrüde JCH.JCH.DJ (Murto´s Bongo) jung Rüde, 90 cm Höhe, multichampion, arbeit-hunde.

Pyrenean Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs  Strazce z TibetuCzechia
Strazce z Tibetu - Tibetan Mastiffs

We have bred TM since 1992, you are welcome at our site to look at our males, females and puppies.

Tibetan Mastiff

Eilatan Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennelCzechia
Eilatan - Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennel

We are a small family kennel located in Czech Republic. Sometimes are puppies available for nice home.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

JCH.Simir - Pyrenaen Mountain dogCzechia
JCH.Simir - Pyrenaen Mountain dog

Cover male, healthy HD 0/0, Juniorchampion cz, Juniorchampion klub, national winner, Klub winner, 3x BOB, 2x CACIB.

Deckenrüde, gesund HD 0/0, Juniorchampion cz, Juniorchampion klub, National Sieger, Klubsieger.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Coton de Tuléar AtreyCzechia
Atrey Coton de Tuléar

Stránky chovného psa plemene Coton de Tuléar. Fotky, výstavy, nabídka krytí i spousta dalších informací o plemeni Coton de Tuléar.

Atrey is study dog of Coton de Tuléar bread. On his pages you can find a lot of pictures, succes on show and information about this breed.

Coton de Tuléar

Forever Drem FCICzechia
FOREVER DREM FCI - Gos d'Atura Catalá

First Breeding in CZ, cover male, dogs show, puppies, Juniorhandling, info, healthy Breeding HD 0/0.

der erstere Zucht station in Czechy, Deckenrüde, Hundeausstellung, Welpen, Juniorhandling, info, gesund Zucht HD 0/0.

Catalan Sheepdog

Forever Drem FCICzechia

Breeding pyrenees dogs, puppies, dogs show, information,cover male,juniorhandling.

Zucht pyrenaen rassen, welpen, hundeausstellungen, info, deckenrüden, wettbewerb.

Pyrenean Mastiff         Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Sheepdog

Pyrenees Breeding Farma ŠtěkotCzechia
ŠTĚKOT Pyrenees Breeding Farma

First Pyrenees breeding in CZ (Bohemia) mastin de los pirineos, chien de montagne des pyrenees, berger des pyrenees normale, berger des pyrenees face rase, puppies, cover male, health breeding hd 0/0, information,dogs show, juniorhandling, works dogs.

Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog         Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mastiff         Pyrenean Sheepdog - smooth faced

Grand Petros GriffonsCzechia
Grand Petros

We are griffons kennel. You can find here photos of our dogs, their show successes and other informations about them.

Small Brabant Griffon         Belgian Griffon         Brussels Griffon

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