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Pyrenean Mountain Dog Kennel Patou von TraumbergCzechia
Kennel Patou von Traumberg

A small family kennel of great pyrenees from Czech republic.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Scotch do pole Kennel Gordon SetterCzechia
Scotch do pole Kennel

Gordon setter bitch Maria Matilde Scotch DAMA Krkonose.

Gordon Setter

Fila Brasileiro Fi-Box KennelCzechia
Fi-Box Kennel

The Fi-Box kennels has been established on 9.Feb.1998, when we decided to go in for this wonderful, majestic, intelligent and absolutely unique breed. There was almost two years long period with our first female Ofka Fi-it before we took this step. She persuaded us that Fila Brasileiro is the dog we want for the rest our life. Due to Ofka's great success in the show ring and her marvellous nature, we decided to share this joy with the others through her offspring.

Our doggies are convincing us about their wonderful character every day. No matter whether it is their love to our kids (they spend a lot of time together) or our tomcat and another animal family members. The family, whoever it is, is the most important thing for the Fila in his life. The need for protection of the familiy memberes and their place is driven by this feeling. In combination with the high inborn intelligence, there is no other family guardian, watchdog and companion like Fila Brasileiro.

Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro ze Sakaliho dvora KennelCzechia
ze Sakaliho dvora Kennel

Not the number of puppies, but our effort to reach ideal joint of exterior and nature drives our breed. Using non-relative parents we avoid degeneration.

Our aim is to get to standard as close as possible. We stress correct head type and strenght of the skeleton. Good health of our dogs is of great importance for us as well, all of them are examined for hip and elbow displasia. Our breeding stock is full-teeth with scissors bite, none of our puppies is poor-indented or suffers with hips.

It makes us the happiest ever when the owners are happy with their puppies - doesn't matter if these are winners of the shows or just pets.

Fila Brasileiro

Valentine Dogs KennelCzechia
Valentine Dogs Kennel

We expect puppies in February 2013.


Shar-pei kennel Princess of MoraviaCzechia

Shar-pei breeder in the Czech republic. Owners of an excellent show male - Mr.Bastien Iz Kitaiskogo Kvartala.

Shar Pei

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