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Poodles JouetDenmark
Jouet Poodles

We invite you to learn about Jouet Poodles - home of 63 champions and more to come!

Standard & Miniature Poodles

English Bulldogs ValbyDenmark
Valby Bulldogs

Small Kennel with housebreeding of English Bulldogs. All our Dogs live wih us inside the our home, as a part of the family. We only have puppies once in a while, but breed after the finest Bloodlines.

English Bulldog

Great Danes Kennel Grand FrozzyDenmark
Kennel Grand Frozzy

Breeder of Great Danes in the colours harlequin and black.

Great Dane

Golden Retrievers Kennel BD-HouseDenmark
Kennel BD-House

Breeders Of Beautiful Golden. Good temper for show and family.

Golden Retriever

Golden Nordic Golden RetrieversDenmark
Golden Nordic - Golden Retriever

Breeders Of Beautiful Golden. Good temper for show and family.

Golden Retriever

Rich Riesen KennelDenmark
Kennel Rich Riesen

Giant schnauzers from Denmark. We breed good healthy family - and showdogs with a loving temperament.

Giant Schnauzer

Windwood BreederDenmark
Windwood Golden Retriever

Breeders of dual purposed golden retrievers: healthy beautiful dogs with a good temper and the basic retriever instinct.

Golden Retriever

Fallohide KennelDenmark
Fallohide Basenji & Pharaoh hound

Basenjis and Pharaoh Hounds.

Basenji         Pharaoh Hound

Universal Soldier´s KennelDenmark
Kennel Universal Soldier´s Löwchens

Puppies, Pictures, pedigrees, shows.


Skylock KennelDenmark
SKYLOCK Golden Retrievers

Goldens for show and work. Take a look at our site.

Golden Retriever

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