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kennel Private-StefalEstonia
kennel Private-Stefal

Currently we are breeding the Bernese Mountain Dogs. In past, we also have bred Rottweilers.

Bernese Mountain Dog         Rottweiler

Siberian husky kennel OcchilupoEstonia
Occhilupo Siberian husky kennel

We are small Siberian Husky kennel in Estonia. Our kennel is located in suburbs of Estonian capital Tallinn.

Siberian Husky

Samite KennelEstonia

SAMITE is a small kennel,which is breeding samoyed dogs in the Capital of Estonia, Tallinn. There are 3 bitches in this kennel. In breeding we use only healthy dogs who have got exellent healt results. Breeding purposes are to get beautiful,breed standard applying and healthy samoyeds.


Hanny-dog German Shepherd DogEstonia

About my favourite dog - breeds a German shepherd.

German Shepherd Dog

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