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Miniature Pinscher Kennel PäiksekiirEstonia Dog Breeders
Kennel Päiksekiir

The love of a dog ... feels like Sunshine

We have been breeding Miniature Pinschers since 2001. The love toward the breed and dogs pushed us to taking more and more dogs. When we had four, we moved to the countryside where they can run and play as much they want. Now we have seven incredible individuals.

In dogshows all of them have received "excellent" descriptions. That is a priority for me. When we had time to go to lots of shows, our first dog received EST JW02, EST J CH, EST V CH, LT CH, LV CH, BALT CH, RUS CH and two CACIB. Now we only go to shows maybe five times a year to get a description.

Miniature Pinscher

Yacheero's & Felicitas CeresEstonia Dog Breeders
Yacheero's & Felicitas Ceres

Greetings from Estonia. Dobermann & German Boxer.

Dobermann         German Boxer

Samite KennelEstonia Dog Breeders

SAMITE is a small kennel,which is breeding samoyed dogs in the Capital of Estonia, Tallinn. There are 3 bitches in this kennel. In breeding we use only healthy dogs who have got exellent healt results. Breeding purposes are to get beautiful,breed standard applying and healthy samoyeds.


Hanny-dog German Shepherd DogEstonia Dog Breeders

About my favourite dog - breeds a German shepherd.

German Shepherd Dog

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