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Murhipuron Wire Fox TerriersFinland Dog Breeders
Murhipuron Wire Fox Terriers

Wire Fox Terrier kennel from Finland underground hunting dogs for hunters Co-operation world wide with other breeders.

Fox Terrier (Wire)

O'Zone dobermanns & dalmatiansFinland Dog Breeders
O'ZONE dobermanns & dalmatians

High quality Dobermanns and Dalmatians from international bloodlines. Litters occasionnally aiming at sound character, excellence in exterior and proven health. Multichampion health-tested males for stud only to quality females.

Dobermann         Dalmatian

Abendito's homekennel - Bichon HavanaisFinland Dog Breeders
Abendito's homekennel - Bichon Havanais

The name Abendito’s derives from the spanish word "bendito" and it means a blessing. I have lost my heart to these wonderful Bichon Havanese dogs. I call them Ambassadors of Love. They teach us people every day how we should live our life: to love each other and to be loyal friends to everyone etc.

The purpose of my kennel is to breed havanese which will bring joy and blessing to their families. For us our havanese are familymembers - just like our three children are:)

I take part in dogshows also and I wish to learn more and more of breeding havanese which are healthy, happy and follow the breed standard. At the moment I study in the Dogbreeder's Academy in Finland.


kennel  DaherbrausenFinland Dog Breeders

Longhaired and smoothhaired kaninchen and miniature dachshund.


Stonecutter'sFinland Dog Breeders

Boxers and Rough Collies in emphasis on health and character. Puppies grow up in family surroundings.

German Boxer         Collie Rough

Quartz-Amor's KennelFinland Dog Breeders
Quartz-Amor's Kennel

Fawn and Black Pugs from Finland.


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