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Le Biel d'ArgentFrance
Le Biel d'Argent

Nous sommes un petit élevage familial situé dans le Jura. Visitez notre site, vous y verrez nos adorables chiens, et tomberez sous le charme de cette race magnifique.


Brullemail MastiffsFrance

At BRULLEMAIL Mastiffs, we are  very selective dog breeders. Just one litter a year, our Mastiff puppies are sold at 9 weeks old after PPM test and vaccinations.

All our dogs have DNA test, Hips or Elbow X-rays score, PPM test. Top Mastiff breeder for many years, BRULLEMAIL is the breeder of many champion (French champion, International Champion, English Champion, Multi Champion, Junior World Winner & World Champion). We owned the only mastiff who won BOB at CRUFTS and WORLD WINNER.

Some of the best Mastiff breeders in Europe started to breed their champions from BRULLEMAIL stock.


Allaikha's - Elevage de Shiba InuFrance
Allaikha's - Elevage de Shiba Inu

Nous élevons les chiens depuis plus de 27 ans, très grande selection dans le choix de nos shibas.

Shiba Inu

Polar Spirit samoyedsFrance
Polar Spirit samoyeds

Our smiling samoyeds

We are breeding this wondeful race to introduce it to other people. The dogs are living with us and the puppies too, they are well socialized before going to live with their new family. We like to walk the dogs, to play with them and we are jogging with them 2 or 3 time a week.

We select and breed mainly healthy dogs, our objective is to improve healthy and beauty of the race.


des Hauts de Malforêt TornjakFrance
des Hauts de Malforêt Tornjak

Welcome into the world of Tornjak, the dog who dances with wolves. Discover our sweet Tornjak, our travels through the heart of Bosnia.


Elevage de La BarasseineFrance
Elevage de La Barasseine

Elevage familial de dogues allemands dans les couleurs fauve, bringé, noir et arlequin.

Great Dane


Stud cattle dog (import république tchèque) - chihuahuas chocolate, blue and classics colors.

Australian Cattle Dog         Chihuahua

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