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Elevage De Pepper HarrowFrance Breeders
Elevage De Pepper Harrow

My website is devoted top the Parson and Jack Russell Terriers and the passion I share with them: Agility. Occasionnaly I have puppies available to loving families.

Parson Russell Terrier

Des Rivieres de Thalosdept 03, Dog Breeders
Des Rivieres de Thalos

Breeder of Caucasian Mountain Dog and Bullmastiff. All our dogs have a pedigree. Our dogs live in freedom with us. They are selected for the beauty, character and health.

Bullmastiff         Caucasian Shepherd Dog

L'Arche des Pierres DoréesFrance
L'Arche des Pierres Dorées

A french breeding of newfoundland black and black and white. Selection ten years, dogs rewarded in international beauty exposition.


Akita Inu of Neko-KenFrance
of Neko-Ken Akita Inu

Eleveur passionné d'Akita Inu depuis 1992. Nos bébés sont élevés en famille.

Akita Inu

Blackwolfdog CompagnieFrance
Blackwolfdog Compagnie

Élevage familiale de la blackwolfdog Compagnie.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Le Domaine De FabadelFrance
Le Domaine De Fabadel

Élevage de fila brasileiro depuis 1999. Situé en france, lignée cbkc.

Fila Brasileiro

Doux Rêves d'AmoursFrance
Doux Rêves d'Amours

Elevage familliale de Spitz Nains et Petits dans les couleurs Orange, Orange Charbonné et Black and Tan. Sur mon site partager avec moi ma passion pour cet adorable petit chien de compagnie. Photos, Vidéos et résultats d'expositions. Mise à jour régulière.
Bonne visite.

German Spitz

Of Jack and Co. KennelFrance
Of Jack and Co. Kennel

Love, Passion, Rigour, Selection, Quality, Harmony, Stability and Work are the secrecies of well-being and the dynamism of our Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Terrier

Des Robes D'argent American CockerFrance
Des Robes D'argent American Cocker

Des cockers américain de toutes les couleurs.

American Cocker Spaniel

Les Grandes Terres d'AaronFrance
Les Grandes Terres d'Aaron

Fawn and brindle great danes in Brittany. I have also a multi champion fawn male.

Visit our Website and do not hesitate to leave a message on our Guest Book !

Great Dane

Whititera MastiffsFrance
Whititera Mastiffs

Welcome in the Whititera Family!!!

Our dogs come from England, Spain, USA and from Brazil ... We selected European blood (Kumormai, Brookview, Del Fracasso, De Molossie) and American blood (Iron Hills, Southport, Caledonia, Chaputepek)

If we went so far, it is, in the first place, for working on prestigious lineages to obtain typical dogs as we like them. All of our dogs are a part of our familly. We also put a point of honor in the socialization of ours mastiffs as they are all educated whitin our family.

English Mastiff

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