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Golden retriever du Pays des GelfesFrance
du Pays des Gelfes Golden retriever

Depuis 1990, nos goldens accompagnent chaque moments de notre existence. Elevage familial, les portées sont rares, mais chaque saison est ponctuée par les entraînements à la chasse, les working test, et quelques expositions. Race d'exception, le golden mérite de s'épanouir dans le cadre pour lequel il a été conçu.

Golden Retriever

Small Kelpie breeder in France. We aim to breed healthy dogs with good temperaments and capable of using their brains.

Australian Kelpie

Moon Harbour Chinese Crested DogsFrance
Moon Harbour

We are a small family breeder where our Chinese Crested dogs & Sphynx Cats live happily together with us as a family. Come and visit our site and share our love and passion for these wonderful little characters.

Chinese Crested Dog

Haute Bailly Gordon SettersFrance
HAUTE BAILLY Gordon Setters

Sélection Chasse et Beauté depuis 1976.

Gordon Setter

Of Australian Rebels Cattle dogFrance
Westibery's Westie

My husband and I met in June 1998, near the WHWT show ring at The Longchamp French Championship show. We were both owner of a white little clown and had a passion for shows and breeding.

Our love and dog-lover passion joined us for life.

We then bought two very beautiful bitches having great English origins ; they are now multi-champions and are the foundations of our breeding. They have been mated to great champions with complementary qualities.

It was our choice to begin our breeding with two beautiful bitches having such pedigrees.

We are so sad to see so much WHWT who have no resemblance to the breed (soft ears, curled and soft coat, dogs looking like a basset-hound, bad temperament...) that we decided to have pure-bred westies perfectly socialised.

Our dogs' owners often mention that their dog attracts the attention and compliments of the passers-by.

Our customers are hard to please and well informed on the breed. They want a pure- bred dog looking like the photographs in the magazines.

We have few litters but we are very selective with the origins and qualities of the chosen male. As already mentioned his qualities must be complementary to our bitch.

We go abroad, if necessary, to choose the future "daddy" of our puppies because the chosen male, and not another one, has potential.

Our dogs live with us in the house. For a good socialisation, the puppies stay with adults till 10 weeks. They are accustomed to the life-house (vacuum cleaner, phone, TV, various noises) ; they are afraid of nothing when they leave us.

We follow our puppies up, always ready to give some hints ; we want to keep in touch with our dogs' owners.

All our dogs are fed with raw meet (B.A.R.F.) which makes them healthy.

West Highland White Terrier

Australian Shepherd Of Angel'CrossingsFrance
Of Angel'Crossings

Elevage familial de bergers australiens. Chiens testés.

Family breeding. Dogs tested : hips, elbows, eyes clear !

Australian Shepherd

Beauceron du PerouetFrance
Beauceron du Perouet

Élevage de Beauceron LOF en France, chiots beauceron issus de mariages étudiés et de parents primés.


Les Setters irlandais de la forêt de massongeFrance
de la Forêt de Massonge
Setters irlandais

La passion du beau et bon setter irlandais depuis 30 ans.

Irish Red Setter

Les beaucerons de Ker'BaliFrance
Les beaucerons de Ker'Bali

Elevage familial de Beauceron, Berger de Beauce situé en Bretagne près de St Malo. Peu de portée. Les chiots vivent en famille. Les parents sont LOF radiographiés des hanches.


Du neouvielle Pyrenean Mountain DogFrance
Du neouvielle pyrenean mountain dog

Since 1982 we breed pyrenean mountain dog in a farm in the hight pyrenées. We have produce more champions in France and Europe.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

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