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Dachshunds Bach du GraalFrance Dog Breeders
Bach du Graal

We are Dachshunds miniatures, wire haired, descended from a family kennel. situated on the outskirts of Chartres, 55 miles from Paris. We live in a family atmosphere in the country with lots of space. Our owner welcomes his customers in a friendly spirit, he will listen to them and give advises during all the life of their companion.

There are lots of champions among us. Almost all reproductives are winners in their class, they do a lot of National and International shows. You can visit us when you want, you are welcome.


Greyhounds The Passionate PilgrimFrance Dog Breeders
The Passionate Pilgrim Greyhounds

A small Greyhound family living in France.


Dachshunds Du Chene DanieleFrance Dog Breeders
Langhaarteckel Du Chene Daniele

Dachshund Website. Breeder Of Normal Langhaarteckel Many pictures of my Dog, Puppy and Adult. Every dogs live with us at home. Results in Show.


Wry n'Wise KennelFrance Dog Breeders
Wry n'Wise Kennel

Fox Terrier smooth and English cocker Spaniel. We are a small kennel in france. We breed with love and serious. Our dogs are from the best bloodlines. Our fox are from American bloodlines. Pup for show or home sometimes available.

Fox Terrier Smooth         English Cocker Spaniel

Collies le Clos de MarialanFrance Dog Breeders
le Clos de Marialan

My collies are my passion ... they live with us in our house every day ... no many litters ... but we have beautiful and good stud dogs.

Collie Rough

French Bulldog Les pommes d'or des HésperidesFrance Dog Breeders
Les pommes d'or des Hésperides
élevage de bouledogues français

Le bouledogue français est un chien extraordinaire au caractère en or massif, Gentillesse, bonne santé, socialisation et beauté sont critères importants qui nous guident dans nos choix.

French Bulldog

Labrador Retrievers Down the HillFrance Dog Breeders
Down the Hill Labradors

Labrador breeder located in France/Brittany/near Rennes. Yellow and black labs.

Eleveur de labradors sables et noirs situe en France/Bretagne/pres de Rennes. Etalon sable disponible pour saillie.

Labrador Retriever

Leonbergers du Moulin d'OreuseFrance Dog Breeders
du Moulin d'Oreuse Leonbergs

All about our leonbergers and their friends !

Leonberger         English Springer Spaniel

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