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Havaneser vom Heppenheimer SchlossbergGermany
Havaneser vom Heppenheimer Schlossberg

We breed in the VDH/VK in the FCI. Visit our Page and get an image of our dogs !


Bolonka Zwetnas vom TappenstiegGermany
Bolonka Zwetnas vom Tappenstieg

Bolonka Zwetnas- Wuschel zum Knuddeln und Liebhaben! Gelegentlich haben wir aus unserer Hobbyzucht wesensfeste, rassereine Bolonka-Welpen abzugeben. Ebenfalls haben wir einen wunderschƶnen typvollen Bolonka-Zwetna DeckrĆ¼den, der sich Ć¼ber Bolonka-Damenbesuch freut. NƤhere aktuelle Infos finden sie immer auf unserer Homepage.

Russian Coloured Bichon

Khayif SalukisGermanyFrance
Khayif Salukis

Salukis from Show- and Coursinglines, known for wonderful Temperament.


Prager Rattler RatigaGermany
Prager Rattler Ratiga

Prager Rattler Zucht F C I / V D H / VK Wir ZĆ¼chten in Farben Black and Tan und Schoko Tan.

Prague Ratter

Spiritbulls - Original ShortybullGermany
SPIRITBULLS - Original Shortybull

breed original Shortybulls from the USA. The Shortybull is a breed from Amy Krogman and Jamie Sweet. If you are interested at our dogs, feel free to look on our homepage and contact us.

Shorty Bull

of the Klit-Ly's OESGermany
of the Klit-Ly's OES

Breeder of the north of Germany!

Old English Sheepdog

von der Irminsul Afghans and SalukisGermany
von der Irminsul Afghans and Salukis

We have been breeding Afghans for over 65 years and Salukis for over 43 years. Our dogs are known for their excellent type and wonderful temperament.

Afghan Hound Saluki

Sherwins Gordon SetterGermany
Sherwins Gordon Setter

Well established, top winning Gordon Setter kennel based in Essen, Germany. The emphasis in our breeding lines has been for not just brains and beauty but also for excellent temperament and working qualities, so we are constantly taking part in both international shows and field trials with great success.

Gordon Setter

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