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Havaneser Deckrüden Marley u. GismoGermanyc Dog Breeders
Havaneser Deckrüden Marley u. Gismo

Unsere beiden wunderschönen liebenswerten Rüden Marley und Gismo möchten sich vorstellen!


du château noblesse Cavalier King Charles SpanielGermany
du château noblesse
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in all four colours, but mainly in black and tan and ruby. Champion-bloodlines, all breeding stuff is heart-clear, PL-clear, DNA-tested on Episodic Falling and Curly Coat / Dry Eye, most of them in addition MRI-scanned and eye-tested.

The breeder is a vet. Puppies available for pet homes and show homes as well.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

von der Fledermaus English Toy TerrierGermany
von der Fledermaus English Toy Terrier

We are a small Family Kennel only for ETTs. Devoted owner of the breed since 2000 and breeder since 2003. Puppies are sometimes available to loving homes.

English Toy Terrier

Bulldozer KennelGermany
Bulldozer Kennel

Wir legen sehr viel Wert auf charakterlich gesunde und wesensfeste Hunde. Nicht nur für den Sport, sondern auch als Familienhund sich bestens eignet. Alle Hunde müssen HD/ED geröntgt und ausgewertet sein und müsssen eine Zuchttauglichkeitsprüfung abgelegt haben.

Olde English Bulldog

Russian Pearl - Black Russian Terrier  and Bolonka Zwetna Germany
Russian Pearl - Black Russian Terrier
and Bolonka Zwetna

We breed Black Russian Terrier as family or as breeding and show dogs.

We breed Bolonka Zwetna - Tsvetnaya Bolonka as family or as breeding and show dog. We are a member of FCI/VDH. The Bolonka Zwenta is since jan. 2011 recognized in the VDH.

Please feel free and visit our website. You are very welcome.

Russian Black Terrier         Russian Coloured Bichon

Mareva's Parti Schnauzer and ZwergschnauzerGermany
Parti Schnauzer and Zwergschnauzer

We are breeders of Parti Schnauzer and Zwergschnauzer in the color white, black and pepper/salt.

Miniature Schnauzer         Schnauzer

Kennel ZiethnereckGermany
Kennel Ziethnereck

More than 30 years we breed Toy and Dwarf in black, brown and sometimes apricot. Our poodles are family member and only living with us.


Tomtel's English Toy TerrierGermany
Tomtel's English Toy Terrier

We are breeding Terrier since 1994. Now our passion are the "English Toy Terrier". Please enjoy our homepage and our dogs.

We breed and show very successful this wonderful black and tan terrier in the middle-west Germany near to the border of the Netherlands.

English Toy Terrier

Bullys SpielwieseGermany
Bullys Spielwiese

We are a small cattery, who have mainly focused on the color strikes "Fawn" and "Red Fawn". But in our first litter were also two funny twin sisters in "Pied Fawn Tricolor" here. We are currently living in Berlin's Tiergarten go regularly to exhibitions and much more hiking (in the Berlin area). Our website is currently under construction included, but our Bullies, and the great-aunt Neufi and friends are introduced and nsome topics more processed.

Just have a look.

Many greetings and send you nice paw prints Gabriele Flentje, Susan Rothe, Sally, and Bully Phoebie

French Bulldog

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