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Havaneser Angels on EarthGermany Dog Breeders
Havaneser Angels on Earth

Liebevolle und verantwortungsbewußte Havaneser Hobbyzucht. Von Zeit zu Zeit haben wir typvolle, wesensfeste u. liebeswerte Babys abzugeben. Unsere Babys werden bestens sozialisiert, geimpft, gechippt und mit Pedigree in die große weite Welt entlassen.


Silver Stable Australian ShepherdGermany Dog Breeders
SILVER STABLE Australian Shepherd

Quality Australian Shepherds of US import lines

We are a small hobby breeder of Australian Shepherds in Southern Germany - Bavaria, near Munich. Since 1990 we have experience in breeding.

We are not a commercial breeder, we just have one litter per year. Our puppies are houserised. We do all for our puppies. At 8 weeks they are paper trained.

They are sound, dewormed by three times, have a check by the Vet, EU passport, chip. With your puppy you get smome puppy packages, information about dog food, dog training and more. You will get a lovely and beautiful puppy for your family, for performance or for showing.

All our dogs are HSF4, PRA, CEA, MDR1, hips, elbow and DNA tested.

Australian Shepherd

vom Holsteiner Land ChihuahuasGermany Dog Breeders
vom Holsteiner Land Chihuahuas

Chihuahua Kennel in Germany.


Havaneser vom AdlerhorstGermany Dog Breeders
Havaneser vom Adlerhorst

Wir haben in der Familie liebevoll aufgezogene Welpen. Beratung ein Hundeleben lang.


Silvanus English SettersGermany Dog Breeders
Silvanus English Setters

We are established since 1974 and pride ourselves on being a small kennel that maintains quality with little quantity. Be it for show or pet or hunting the ultimate goal here at Silvanus is to produce well structured and all around healthy English Setters with a stable temerament.

All of our breeding stock has been checked for Hip/Elbow Dysplasia and Congenital Deafness. In order to improve the Silvanus Setters with each generation we produce, we only breed dogs that are free of theese health problems.

All our puppies are well socialized, health guaranteed, microchipped & Baer tested. It is of utmost importance to us that our puppies go to homes where they are treasured for their companionship.

English Setter

Mecklenburger Land Giant Schnauzer in black Germany Dog Breeders
Mecklenburger Land
Giant Schnauzer in black

Welcome to our Giant Schnauzer Kennel of "Mecklenburger Land" (FCI, VDH, PSK). We breed Giant Schnauzer in Germany in black for family, sport and show. We breed Giant Schnauzer of GDR-Line and of Best International Lines.

In our website you can see all of our dogs, pictures, pedigrees and show and sport results. You can see in German language or in other languages (please see of our website left under the counter - Google Translate, select Language -. We are very happy to keep in touch with the new owner of our puppy and to give advice and support if required.

Giant Schnauzer

vom Haus English Cream Yorkshire TerrierGermany Dog Breeders
vom Haus English Cream Yorkshire Terrier

Wir züchten seit über 15 Jahren im 1. Deutschen Yorkshire Terrier Club (1.DYC) unter dem Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH) in Berlin, diese liebenswerte Rasse und möchten hiermit uns und unsere Yorkies vorstellen.

Yorkshire Terrier

Kennel Guy vom RindbachGermany Dog Breeders
Kennel Guy vom Rindbach

We are breeder since 2000 from the Irish soft coated Wheaten Terrier, and since 2010 from the Australian Terrier. We are member of the VDH /FCI. And the Klub für Terrier in Germany. For more info please visit our web Site.

Australian Terrier         Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Deutsche Doggen von Schaumburg-LippeGermany Dog Breeders
Deutsche Doggen von Schaumburg-Lippe

We breed Great Danes in black and harlequin!

Great Dane

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