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Bagolyvári berni kennelHungary
Bagolyvári berni kennel

The 2011th December 26 was born on the beautiful Bernese Mountain proprietary vendors babies - six boys, two girls -. Excellent parents! The 2012th March negotiable előjegyeztethetők now. Exclusively loving pet owners are welcome! For more information ...

Bernese Mountain Dog

Reedy Gold Golden Retriever KennelHungary
Reedy Gold Golden Retriever Kennel

If you chose a Golden retriever you will find a faithful and true friend. This breed has endless loyalty for the family members and joyful temperament. The Golden retriever soon became one of the most popular breed around the word. Not by chance!

Golden Retriever

Dancing Master KennelHungary
Dancing Master Kennel

Chihuahua breeding. Puppies for sale for dogshow, breeding program or Hobby aim.


Holiday Hills Rough ColliesHungary
Holiday Hills Rough Collies

High quality Rough Collies in Hungary. Gold Wreathed Master Kennel. Established in 1991.

Collie Rough

Leobeni Norwich Terrier kennelHungary
Leobeni Norwich Terrier kennel

Leobeni is a small norwich terrier kennel in Hungary, where the first puppies were born in September, 2011. The most important is the health in our kennel. You are welcome!

Norwich Terrier

of Bacardi great dane dogs kennelHungary
of Bacardi great dane dogs kennel

Home of Bacardi great dane dogs in Hungary.

Great Dane

Dwarfen Ergy Miniature Pinscher and Schipperke kennelHungary
Dwarfen Ergy Miniature Pinscher
and Schipperke kennel

Miniature Pinscher and Schipperke kennel in Hungary. Welcome to visit our site.

Miniature Pinscher Schipperke

Agilis Papillon KennelHungary
Agilis Papillon Kennel

Papillon - Top Quality - from Hungary!
Welcome to the Agilis Kennel!


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