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Firefox malinois kennelHungary
Firefox malinois kennel

Bronzelevel masterbreeder malinois kennel.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó KennelHungary
Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Kennel

We are breeding standard wire haired dachshund in Hungary. We want to breed healthy, beautiful and good working dogs (blood-tracking, fox and wild boar).


Mysticmoonlight Shetland Sheepdog kennelHungary
Mysticmoonlight Shetland Sheepdog kennel

We are small sheltie kennel at Hungary.

Shetland Sheepdog

Valhalla Hunter Bullmastiff KennelHungary
Valhalla Hunter Bullmastiff Kennel

This is the Hungarian Valhalla Hunter Bullmastiff Kennel.


Robustaff Amstaff KennelHungary
Robustaff Amstaff Kennel

Robustaff Amstaff Kennel, Hungary, Magic Heads, Quality.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Rinzentaru Akita InuHungary

Akita-inu in Hungary.

Akita Inu

Rengőhegyi-Ormán Kennel ChihuahuaHungary
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Kennel - Chihuahua

Hungarian chihuahua breeding. My aim is to breed healthy, happy dogs, with excellent nervous system and good character. My kennel is continually developing. Both in Hungary and abroad, more and more people are interested in the Chihuahuas, bred by me.


Yaki-Tori boston terriersHungary
Yaki-Tori boston terriers

Boston terrier kennel in Hungary. Our dogs are family members and succesful show dogs too. Quality puppies occasionally for pet, breed or show.

Boston Terrier

Szedresi PointersHungary
Szedresi Pointers

Quality english pointers for show, breeding and work.

English Pointer

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