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Gwenllian  Border ColliesItaly Dog Breeders
Gwenllian - Border Collies

Gwenllian Working Sheepdog is a breeding specialist in the selection of puppies and the training of Border Collies from the most important ISDS blood lines for daily work and sheepdog trials.

Border Collie

Kennel Rebecca Rose Maltese, Shih tzu e Cavalier King Charles SpanielItaly Dog Breeders
Kennel REBECCA ROSE Maltese, Shih tzu e Cavalier King Charles Spaniel riconosciuto E.N.C.I.- F.C.I. per la selezione del cane di razza Maltese, Shih tzu e Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Maltese         Shih Tzu         Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Boxer Kennel dei cavalieri templariItaly Dog Breeders

Allevamento per la selezione del boxer disponibili soggetti delle migliori linee di sangue tutti i nostri soggetti sono sottoposto a controlli ufficiali per displasia spondilosi ed ecg.

German Boxer

Lux-LiurexItaly Dog Breeders

"Lux-Liurex" Yorkshire terrier & Biewer Yorkshire a la pon pom Kennel in Italy.

Yorkshire Terrier

All Jacks KennelItaly Dog Breeders
All Jacks Kennel

All Jacks Kennel is breeding both english and australian bloodlines of Jack Russell terrier.

Jack Russell Terrier

Ferroefuoco BouviersItaly Dog Breeders
Ferroefuoco Bouviers

Allevamento ricinosciuto FCI per la selezione di Bovaro delle Fiandre.

Bouvier des Flandres

Allevamento Di Paradise ColliesItaly Dog Breeders
Allevamento DI PARADISE Collies

The Breeding of "Paradise Collies" is specializes in the Kennel of Rough collie and Border Collie, founded and managed by Francesco Montenegro it is associated with E.N.C.I. and F.C.I. it is in Barletta, only 60 km from Bari in APulia and Chieri, 20 km from Torino in Piemonte.

Collie Rough         Border Collie

 Weimaraner dei Piccoli PrincipiItaly Dog Breeders
dei Piccoli Principi Weimaraner


Good Blood Never Lies: an italian way of saying that gifted parents normally create gifted kids We breed Wimaraners for passion, for passsion only! Our Weims descend from the best blood lines in the world

We breed with the only aim of making a better dog, choosing for reproduction only dogs with great temperament and excellent quality under the FCI standard, we only use for reproduction mature dogs (older than 24 moths) on which we could personally check their temperament and their hunting skills.


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