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Allevamento amatoriale dell'AlballegraItaly Dog Breeders
Allevamento amatoriale dell'Alballegra

Nelle campagne del vercellese alleviamo con passione e serietà il Bovaro dell'Appenzell, il Bovaro del Bernese ed il Bassotto tedesco. Cuccioli disponibili.

Appenzell Cattle Dog         Bernese Mountain Dog


Bearded Collie PhilabegItaly Dog Breeders
Philabeg Bearded Collie

We breed the bearded collie with passion. Our kennel is recognized by ENCI/FCI. We invite you to visit our site and know our dogs and history.

Bearded Collie

Welsperg Saint Bernard KennelItaly Dog Breeders
Welsperg - Saint Bernard Kennel

Welsperg Kennel in Italy. We breed quality Saint Bernards with love and passion.

Saint Bernard

Starry Town KennelItaly Dog Breeders

STARRY TOWN Kennel in Italy Bernese Mountain Dog & Newfoundland for all reasons: to work, to show, to love, to serve!

Bernese Mountain Dog         Newfoundland

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Kennel Pem's LifeItaly Dog Breeders
Kennel Pem's Life

Amatorial breeder of welsh corgi pembroke of quality english lines.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Dell'Antico Tratturo Maremma and Abruzzes SheepdogItaly Dog Breeders
Dell'Antico Tratturo

The original Maremmano-Abruzzese in the heart Abruzzi Region - Selection from rustis/working bloodlines.

Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog

I Bouledogue Francesi del Bull'oItaly Dog Breeders
I Bouledogue Francesi del Bull'o

I Bouledogue Francesi del Bull'o, Allevamento di cani di razza Bouledogue Francese - French Bulldog - Bouledogue Francais. La storia della razza, lo standard, molte informazioni utili, curiosita', links, cuccioli e molto altro.

French Bulldog

Allevamento del MontelarcoItaly Dog Breeders
Allevamento del Montelarco

Breeder of Maremma Sheepdogs located in Italy, in the Rome area, our Kennel history, standard of the breed, photos, pedigrees and information on upcoming litters.

Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog

Luvipride English BulldogsItaly Dog Breeders
Luvipride Bulldog

Bulldog just for special people. Bulldog for show whit best english line. Not quantity bul quality. My champion is in all world.

English Bulldog

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