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Chinese Crested Dogs Exotic DianburgLatvia
Exotic Dianburg

We have only show dogs in breed and occasainally offer puppies for sale. Welcome to visit our site.

Chinese Crested Dog


We are a small and yet very young family run kennel of Minis in Latvia.

Miniature Bull Terrier

 Irish Wolfhound kennel Dwarfs' ValleyLatvia
Dwarfs' Valley - Irish Wolfhound kennel

"Dwarfs' Valley" kennel from Latvia is breeding Irish Wolfhounds since year 1991.

Irish Wolfhound

OLVIG Great Danes and English BulldogsLatvia
OLVIG - Great Danes and English Bulldogs

OLVIG - Famous Great Danes and English Bulldogs from Latvia! In breeding since 1999. Great Danes of Harlequin,Mantle, Merle, Black, Blue colours. Old German classic lines. English bulldogs.

Great Dane English Bulldog

Borzoi kennel Cars IvansLatvia
Cars Ivans - Borzoi kennel

Cars Ivans - Borzoi's since 1985. Welcome to visit our website.


Šamtroi Miniature SchnauzersLatvia
Šamtroi Miniature Schnauzers

Šamtroi Miniature Schnauzers (FCI). Specializing in black and black-and-silver Miniature (Zwerg) Schnauzers.

Miniature Schnauzer


Home page of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and Latvian Hounds of Latvian national breed, their successes, as well as offspring.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Latvian Hound

Umma Alberta and Uliana TeoDora Alaskan MalamutesLatvia
Umma Alberta and Uliana TeoDora

Two Alaskan malamutes sisters Umma Alberta and Uliana TeoDora website.

Alaskan Malamute

Nataki Chinese Crested DogsLatvia
Nataki Chinese Crested Dogs

Welcome to the site of chinese crested dog breeder in Latvia. The site is dedicated to our chinese crested dogs. We haven't got a status of a kennel but we already have got our own champion dogs and several litters. You can take a look at our dogs and their kids, watch their albums and get some information about them.

Chinese Crested Dog

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